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    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    hmmz. true the genisis veg building does a lot to your cash flow, but it forces you to consider your tactics again. tank rushes are no longer that viable and as the Genisis in the first place its not always a great idea. oh.. and what is with the spinning genisis artillery? i forgot the name but every time they try to go up one space they swivel.. just like the kirovs did before they were patched. is this fixed? i find the a simple infantry siege on the vinifera against the nemisis works well. also, as for the nemisis tank being over powered, i can usualy destroy all tank rushes with around 25 shiners.
  2. Scythe

    Ar2 Background Questions

    you would think that nemisis is winning...
  3. Scythe

    Generals Powers

    .....tanks tanks tanks.. .. more artillery :) one thing i gotta say.. no matildas :( but where are the nubelwerfers. hmm. microing bombers is effective, but a distraction... ... ill arty rush your base then blow all your tanks to dust then run away befoe you reach me :)
  4. Scythe


    well its annoying, because when im ready to make my second base i cant build another MCV to do it -.- i need more MCVs1!!!! lik e5 of em!!!! i must cntrol all of de map then crush dem!!!!!!
  5. Scythe


    Genesis all the damn way!!!! i love the technology, espaecially the interceptors. they rock, but the armor suclks. once, i had an entire division of shiners (100) and maybe 40 of the blue laser units (dont remeber the name) shame a juggernaut alked out of the nemesis base.. decimated my forces. the only thing that lived were the cutilators that i had run away. id also like to bring up an odd problem, nemesis cannot build nother MCV unit. why????
  6. Scythe

    Ar2 Background Questions

    its like the consciousness passed inside another body, albeit mechanical. don't forget that the nemesis have these to... those cyborgs units. (the ones that have the initiate image)
  7. Scythe

    Addition Barracks For Genisis

    ooooo i didnt know that.. i prefer nemesis' missile weapons though.. so i don't think il be using genesis much, but thx...
  8. why is there an extra barracks in the armory... i dont understand it purpose.
  9. Scythe

    Ar2 Background Questions

    hey, if you need help with the storyline id love to help. im a bit of a writer myself and i created a storyline for a small mod i made for tiberian sun (FinalSun file XD) anyway id like to help further the story, maybe even make a plot to base a campaign on o.O either way, its your choice, i have a lot of spare time after school ...
  10. Scythe

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    it didnt work for me...
  11. Scythe

    It's Out!

    this looks like a base based version of tankwarz... and i love tankwarz. is there a mutliplayer feature?
  12. Scythe

    Using Tfd Disk

    im using the first decade disk, instead of using all the various disk for all the different CnC games.. i switch around a lot. Will this interefere with any game play or installation of AR2?
  13. Scythe

    Ar2 Online

    ...another dead thread? any kind of mod for RA2 ill try. XWIS nick = genxghost
  14. Scythe

    We're Still Alive!

    ive been shadowing this mod for maybe 5 months now, never really posting, but watching. i find it extremley interesting perhaps it is time to spread word of its almost being finished? of course the mod leader may suddenly die. anyway im looking forwrd to an RA2 mod, ive always been a fan on yalls work, but ive been to busy to post on it... too many other forums and such occupying my mind. anyway... too bad yall couldn't make one for renegade, that would be sooo kick ass..
  15. Scythe

    Screenshot Thread V2

    Is this mod dead? it look suber leet. id love to play it... but the last post in here was 2 years ago... ;_; can anyone inform me of its status?