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  1. Arcalane

    Walls Mod Updated For Patch 1.06

    Do you have a "manual install" version? Each time I try to run the walls.exe installer, it gives an error and says the application configuration is incorrect. I'm hesitant to try randomly bunging the global.big and correct localization .big somewhere, though I'm guessing they'd go under .../Lang-english/1.6 like the previous version, with changes to the 1.6's config.txt to load the correct files.
  2. Arcalane

    Zero Hour: Scripting Problems...

    This area is for C&C3 (Tiberium Wars) not C&C Generals/Zero Hour. As for the scripts, no idea.
  3. Beats my luck. I'm only managing to get Mono rips. Any luck with extraction via other means so far? EDIT: Nevermind! Worked that out. I'm using Audacity and stripping off excess empty space before and after the recording. So far it's working pretty well, though the sound quality could be a little better (I think this is due to the lack of channels rather than anything else. EDIT: Nevermind, turns out I had the recording volume too high, by the sounds of it. Soundtrack can be purchased here for the meagre sum of $9.99, apparently.
  4. Arcalane

    Cooperative Maps?

    Aye, I believe several co-op styled maps were made for C&C Generals, although maybe not in the same manner you describe here. Still, sounds fun.
  5. Boo. :( I noticed in the demo mission, the compound you set up shop in has old TS GDI-styled walls.
  6. Looking good! Any chance of some shots of the GDI walls? ;)
  7. Arcalane

    Is This Legal?

    Perfectly legitimate as far as I know. A lot of people seem fond of playing against the AI in this manner, and Generals had an entire mod devoted to player v. AI matches. I guess the closest comparison to what you want is like... a Multiplayer version of the C&C Generals Zero Hour "Generals Challenge" mode? :) What BOB said wouldn't be illegal per se - you're not going to get dragged off to prison for it - but it'll probably get you banned from playing online. It wouldn't work in most cases anyway, as the game/lobby would recognize the discrepancies between the maps before the match started. :P
  8. This is what happens when foolish Allied Commanders in Red Alert 2 meddle with Chronospheres too much! D: Heh.
  9. Arcalane

    C&c3 Textures

    I doubt it. I think it looks more like either some kind of energy-based wall defense (like the NOD Laser-Wall from Tiberian Sun, or the GDI Firestorm) or some kind of wall post. I can, however, with near 100% certainty, say that the NOD aircraft beside the unidentified Orca is the Vertigo Bomber, NOD's primary anti-structure aircraft.
  10. That doesn't mean the readme is accurate, since everything is locked up inside the .big files and encrypted/encoded.
  11. Arcalane

    C&c3 Textures

    It was rushed. Horribly rushed. ;) Is that why the keyboard shortcut to select Nod during skirmish was useable? And the same reason there's still references to BfME code in the demo, yes. Tons of references, even. Just try decoding/decrypting some of the demo data.
  12. Arcalane

    C&c3 Textures

    It was rushed. Horribly rushed. ;)
  13. Jeez, this is gonna be like jumping through flaming hoops! And here I thought getting my hands on the DoW OST was difficult. :blink:
  14. Well, there's this in the playertemplate.ini (once decoded) that may point towards a solution, or at least give some ideas; LoadScreenMusic = TEMP_RAM_Music360_LoadScreen ; If you change this, remember it must be a RAM-based (no-stream) piece of music