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  1. While few dare to even dream of an SDK for Kane's Wrath any more after EA officially announced that none was coming, one man has begun a quest to make it a reality. Asuka, aka Lauren, from the team that brought you Tiberium Wars Tower Defense, is working on a community-created SDK and already has made some progress: (Note the Scrin Explorer in the sidebar where the Nod Emissary should be.) But this project is of a huge scale; a massive undertaking. If you have the leet coding know-how to be of any sort of assitance, it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact her in order to help see this community dream come to life.
  2. Mighty BOB!

    Extracting Models From Cnc3

    Check out jonwil's C&C Extras at cncmods.net. You can't extract animations unfortunately.
  3. Mighty BOB!

    [mapping] Getting The Minimap To Show Up

    Yeah you just do the same thing. Open the map in the worldbuilder and follow the above process. It's a bit different for RA3, although I'm assuming your question is for TW or KW.
  4. Mighty BOB!

    Adding Custom Eva Sounds

    Thank you, that's helpful.
  5. Mighty BOB!

    ...if You Can Read This...

  6. Mighty BOB!

    New Star Trek Trailer

    Teen angst!! Canon reboots for the lose. :( This is going to be worse than Enterprise...
  7. Mighty BOB!

    Are You Planning To Mod Red Alert 3?

    I was considering it while RA3 was still in development, but now I'll have to hear from others how the SDK is and see some examples of good productions first.
  8. Mighty BOB!

    New W3x Importer

    Lol nice analogy.
  9. Mighty BOB!

    New W3x Importer

    Cool. This should prove useful.
  10. Mighty BOB!

    Mod Ideas

    I hear say that Dawn of War has way fewer coding headaches (at least according to Master Thudo). Perhaps the upcoming DoW 2 will be a good engine.
  11. Well modding is the only thing that will get me to buy RA3. Of course that only works if there's a good SDK, but until such a time as EA does or does not release a good SDK, yeah I'm interested.
  12. Mighty BOB!

    3 Questions, Please Help

    Check this out for #3: http://www.cncmods.net/forums/index.php?t=...oto=357#msg_362