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    Updated Walls Mod

    @ Deezire: Thank you for telling me your thoughts! *thumps up* I'm still unable to extract any senseful data from these bmri files. <_< Anyway, I would have preferred a length as the red marks show instead of the green ones (attachment). @ BlckWyerve: Ehm ... it costs same as building a new wall. Just take a closer look to your money when extending a wall from an existing hub.
  2. Bibber

    Updated Walls Mod

    Senseless because the player is still able to build huge walls if he has enough money. It doesn't really matter if he has to build a huge wall in 1 or 3 goes. There is no waiting time at all. It's just a mouse click more. So, what was your intention to change this point?
  3. Yes, but the file is 150 MB so there is no clue why the program uses the whole momory. As I know ThunderX86 has the same problem and he has 2 GB of memory. So your program needs 2 GB to extract a part of a 150 MB file? ... :blink:
  4. Hmm, subfolders have to be created manually ... but there some more problems. You should really overwork your program. I just wanted to extract one texture and your program used all of my 1 GB of memory.
  5. I have the german Kane Edition and it works fine, with installer and with manual method. So I don't know why some people don't get it work.
  6. Path is read from the registry, so it should work. Whether Kane Edition or Standard Edition shouldn't matter. Seems that the mod is not fully working ...
  7. I made an installer for this mod because many people have problems installing the mod or don't understand exactly what to do, especially if the language of the game is not english. CnC_3_TW_Wall_Mod.zip
  8. Bibber

    Looking For Something To Work

    Here: http://www.ra-revolution.com/index.php?site=jobs