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  1. I started working on this again, and somehow stumbled on this topic... pretty crazy! That was soo long ago...
  2. Phil


    Thats awesome, thank you so much for your contribution. Is there any chance on a source release or at least an explanation to how RefPack compression works compared to what we already know compression wise. Thanks!
  3. Phil

    W3dmesh Resource

    Feel free to say whatever you got! any help is appreciated
  4. That ones much better :D has alot more corrections
  5. You can make a nice big one that shakes the whole screen if you wish..
  6. If its a FX effect than yes you will be able to make it anyway you want it
  7. Thanks but way ahead of ya. Already have everything described and defined for the FXParticleSystemTemplate. I should have the tutorial done by today or tommorow
  8. An extracted one from the OS BIG Editor. I'm typing up a Tutorial on FXParticleSystem's and how they work. It gives you descriptions and functions of all their members, then goes step by step how it works in the game.
  9. Ok Ched from T3A sent me the FXParticleSystemTemplate.xml yesterday. I Started working on it yesterday and already I've written 2,000 lines of code, all the main stuff is done Thanks for uploaded that though!! I'll keep you updated on my work
  10. Phil

    Polygons In Terrain

    O wow ea did break the traditional fixed grid terrain. I Wonder exactly how ea manages how to render it because all logical ways would seem stupid because of the laggyness it would cause
  11. Phil

    Polygons In Terrain

    Sorry to disappoint you but you can't :( Terrains in video games cant have random patches of a couple quads and then a big area with just one, the rendering and the updating of the terrain would actually increase even more causing the game to lag. Im afraid your stuck with EA's standard's for tilesizes
  12. Your awesome! *whispers* could you attach the fxparticlesystem template file to this topic so I can start some stuff on it, Im not near my cnc3 computer and wont be for a couple days... THANKS!!! */whispers*
  13. Make sure to keep us updated everyday on the details!
  14. Phil

    Global Csf/str Editor

    In C&C3 the CSF Files are compressed with RefPack compression, and I assume they also compressed STR so I have that included to..
  15. Phil

    Global Csf/str Editor

    Send it on over, ill open er' up...