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  1. OK, this version fixes a memory leak, and it adds a progress bar and a log file. Check it out at link removed -smurf
  2. CarlKenner

    3d Ripper Dx

    Nice! I've been looking for one of those. I ended up writing my own. Mine exported to VRML, but never worked very well. It was part of my system for playing any 3D PC game in full Virtual Reality, but I never got around to finishing it.
  3. CarlKenner

    Palestinian Modmaker 0.2

    It doesn't fill RAM on my PC, and my PC does not meet the minimum system requirements for Tiberium Wars. However I have only tested it on the demo. I have also only tested it on Vista. Unlike OS Big Editor, any file larger than 1 Megabyte is decompressed to a temp file. Files are only decompressed one at a time, and only use 4MB of memory while decompressing. The only thing that it keeps in RAM is a list of all the files. That list may be larger on the full version than on the demo, but I would not expect it to be that much larger, since the demo looks like it includes most of the files except the models and maps. I assume it is crashing after you load a skudef file? I suspect the skudef files in the full version are rather complicated. If there are circular references in your skudef file, (or a bug makes it think there are) that might cause it to fill memory forever, adding the same files to the list over and over. Try creating the simplest possible skudef file and see if that helps. Or can people load the skudef file successfully, but then can't click on anything without it hanging? The first time you click on a file from a big bin/relo file, it will take a few minutes to decompress the large bin and relo files to a temp directory. However this does not use more than 4MB of memory, regardless of the file size. If you wait patiently, it will finish, and then you can speedily view those files from then on. If you have the demo, you can test it on the demo. It works fine on the demo on my computer, let me know if you have issues on yours. I'll have a go at adding some log files so we can see where it is falling over.
  4. Here is version 0.2 of my Palestinian ModMaker. Basically this is a user friendly modding tool for C&C3, C&C3 demo, and C&C3 Worldbuilder. This version adds support for viewing and extracting b/r/m/i file contents, along with the ability to modify anything not in a b/r/m/i file (including .cdata graphics). It also adds partial clipboard support, and is faster and uses less memory. Full b/r/m/i modding support will be added in the next version, but in the meantime it can be used in conjunction with BinMaker to mod some of the b/r/m/i elements, or you can settle for modding the ini, tga, lua, str, and cdata files. Anyway, it is a really good tool, so give it a try.
  5. CarlKenner

    Updated Walls Mod

    Guess what? There was nothing wrong with my hideously complicated, speed and memory optimised, RefPack decompression code! It was the stupid code which reads the decompressed file size from the .big file file header. Large compressed files have a 4-byte header instead of a 3-byte header. And I misread the original code for for reading the 4-byte header and ended up reading 4 bytes too many. Oops. Currently my refpack decompression takes about 2 minutes @1.83 GHz (It can only use 1 core) on the largest file, which it decompresses to a temp file. Is that too slow for people?
  6. CarlKenner

    Updated Walls Mod

    I can :) My mod maker is slowly being completed. But currently my RefPack decompression isn't working on large files, and I can't work out why. :( Unfortunately writing a fast RefPack decompression that doesn't use much memory is very tricky. Since I don't know the format of most of the asset types, I've decided to just make my own xml system that works on any type, kind of like a hex editor, but it takes advantage of imps and relos, and it guesses data types. It is working nicely, and I should be able to convert it back into bin/imp/relo files easily.
  7. CarlKenner

    Os Big Editor 0.63 (binmaker Support)

    I have 1GB of memory. But I tested it on the demo rather than the full version. I don't get out of memory errors.
  8. CarlKenner

    Os Big Editor 0.63 (binmaker Support)

    It makes no difference whether you extract 1 file or 50, it still has to store the entire uncompressed bin file in memory, since the stupid compression doesn't allow parts of the bin file to be uncompressed individually. And while it is uncompressing it, it also has the compressed bin file in memory. For my ModMaker program, I rewrote the RefPack decompression routine so it doesn't store the compressed file in memory while it is uncompressing it. But it still stores the compressed file in memory. And I haven't implemented bin file support yet. Perhaps I should use temp files instead of memory. What do you think?
  9. I started a new program for making mods. It can't edit the bin/manifest/relo/imp files yet. But it can edit the .cdata files, which are kind of associated with the b/m/r/i files. And it can edit the ini files and the terrain art, and the skudefs. I will add manifest support soon. I call it Palestinian ModMaker 0.1. You can download it below... Palestine.zip
  10. CarlKenner

    Os Big Editor 0.63 (binmaker Support)

    Oh, sorry :( I'll have a look at that later. I haven't really tested extracting all the files at once, I've mostly been dragging and dropping. I think there is a menu item if you don't want it to use the folders.
  11. CarlKenner

    Os Big Editor 0.63 (binmaker Support)

    This version (if you download the package at the top of this post and replace the exe with the one at the bottom of this post), fixes a bunch of bugs, produces proper XML for the FXParticleSystemTemplate, and lists two extra .binmaker.xml files at the top of each manifest, that you can use with binmaker to mod the bin/relo/manifest/imp (brmi) packages.
  12. CarlKenner

    Binmaker Update

    GameScriptList is easy, since it is almost always blank. It is just zeros. That represents the empty GameScriptLists you see in most maps.
  13. Well done! By the way, do you know why when I tried to do that mod by editing the ini files so that your starting building was a wall hub and you had an mcv, it caused all my units to spontaneously self-destruct?
  14. CarlKenner

    Binmaker Update

    No, but if people are editing the binary file anyway with a hex editor, then they probably won't change the pointers, and if they do it is easy enough for them to edit the xml file to reflect that.