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  1. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Heavy Tank Stratgies

    The Maus, Char, Tiger II, IS-2/3, Tortise, M26 Pershing, Tiger, and The T-35 are some of the Heavy tanks featured in Blitz II. Characteristics of a Heavy Tank: Heavy(duh) Slow Usually has a powerful armanent Usually Expensive to build in large numbers May have more than one turret(Mostly Early Allied and Soviet Tanks) Heavy Tanks can be used in either a Defensive,Offensive, or Support role. Some tanks may be better at a specific role than another. If used effectivly all Heavies can used in all roles, but not as good as others. Defensive Roles: Tanks that are too slow to be effective offensive weapon can be used as a Mobile Anti-Tank Defense. Their Ranger,Firepower, and armor makes them hard to kill. But like all tanks, Heavy tanks are specially favorite targets of Ground Attack Aircraft and AT Infantry, so give them decent support. Give them the support of a guard tower and a officer to improve their efficency. These Heavies can also be used to protect the flanks of your offensive forces .(not to be mean towards Allied and Soviet players, but the Char and T-35 are not good in the role as offensive weapons, due to their very slow speed). The most effective are the T-35,Char, and the Maus. Offensive Roles: Heavy Tanks that have a good enough speed to keep up with Most Medium,Light Tanks, and mechanized units are the ones that make good offensive weapons. They can protect the Lighter tanks from the heavier tanks and destroy bunkers. But like Defense Heavies, they are targets from constant Air,Artillery, and AT Attack. So support units are needed. This type's main weakness is minefields. The most effective tanks in the offense role is the Tiger, Tiger II, Tortise, M26, and the IS-2/3 Support Role: Tanks fast enough to keep up with infantry make good support tanks, they provide infantry withh decent anti-tank and anti-structure support. While infantry or other tanks protect it from AT infantry and weapons. But like all others, Anti-Air and Artillery support is a must have for it to be truly effective. The Maus,Char, and the T-35 seem to most effective at this role as well as a defense role. These tanks can also be used to breach enemy defenses and keep it open, so that lighter and fast moving tanks can move in and take over. What did you think?
  2. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Hamachi User Notification

    I am a active player.
  3. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    Well Scratch that, my dad let me get Hamachi again!
  4. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    Well I do not have hamachi anymore, because my dad made me get rid of it. He is paranoid about programs like hamachi. So Is there any alernatives to hamachi? Do not suggest redownloading hamachi again, if I get again and my dad finds out he will uninstall it and lock me out of my computer.
  5. (2142)Gen.Reaper


    Sounds interesting enough. Can't wait.
  6. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Name Of Russian Songs?

    I have extracted some of the Russian Blitzkrieg II tracks and put them into my IPod Touch and I have been going through you Tube Videos and Itunes to find the actual English names of the songs, I have managed to name the Below The Sacred War Partisian's Song Farewell to Slavianka. 2 of the songs I got, automatically converted to their real names when I put them into Itunes, they are below Moscow Nights O Field My Field, Song of the Plains But I have not been able to find the name of Russian10 and I would like some help finding the real name, since I not found on You Tube or Itunes. And for future Reference can you include the name of the other Red Army Choir Songs in the Blitz Track?
  7. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    How do I use xfire?
  8. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Bug Listing For R3

    After a while the Easy Ais for the Soviets and Allies will stop building units and keep what remaining units they have in their base. The Soviets stop after building their heavy factories, the Allies stop after building the magiont turrets and the getting the U.S Intervention
  9. Somewhere, I heard that 3.0 is not the final version of Blitzkrieg II, is there a Actual Final Version on it's way or is there going to be a few patchs before a final release? I also heard something about a map pack.
  10. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Bringing The Blitz To Zh

    I have begun work on coverting the Zero Hour maps, so they can work on Blitzkrieg. The Prototype map(Heartland Shield) can be played online, but playing against the AI is the problem. The AI will build the factories and 2 barracks. But it will not build units. A other bug is that you don't experience for garrisoning the resource structures. What is done. 1. Resource Structures 2. AI(Kinda of) Bugs: You Don't Gain Experience for garrisoning the resource structures AI won't build units, beside a single dozer What needs to be Done: Deletion of the civlian cars(They don't fit with the Time Period) If Possible: Replacement of the roads(That kind of road doesn't fit with the time period or setting either) Screenshot: The prototype will not be released till the bugs have been fixed. I will need help fixing them.
  11. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    A Few Tips For Turtlers.

    I have been experimenting with unit combos and tactics and I have found some that may be useful for turtlers.(The Players that like to go slow and tech up) I am making these for people who just got the mod recentlly. 1. Increasing Effectivness of Units and Defenses. I have Found out that if you combine the guard tower with Anti-Tank Artillery, Defenses, tanks, or Tank Destroyers and a Officer, it improve their effectiveness greatly. The Guard has a long LOS(Line-of-Sight) making it very good for spotting targets for AT Guns,Defenses, Artillery, Tanks, and Tank Destroyers. The Officers improve the rate of fire and firing range. And to counter artillery, set up some artillery behind your defenses to server as a Counter or using bombers or Ground Attack planes or rushing it. 2. Bombers and How to the counter the enemy bombers: A good way to increase the effectiveness of your bombers to launch them all at once against factories that are grouped together, The enemy(depending on his tech level) will likely not be able to counter all of your bombers. For the Tailboy Bomb, I prefer using your Regular Bombers along with it to keep the enemy distracted, because if the enemy sees a lone Lancaster Bomber heading towards their, unless he is complete noob or idiot. He will try taking it out before it reaches his target. TO Counter other enemy bombers, Spam Heavy AA Guns and Fighters and hope for the best. This will be Harder if you are going against the Allies since they can launch multiple Bombers at once. If you see an Allied or Axis Transport heading towards you, just let them come and use snipers to kill the infantry before they hit the ground and then send AT units to kill the Tanks if it is a Allied. And radar is your friend. Use it to spot incoming enemy aircraft. Back your advance force with Mobile Anti-Air.(Flakpanthers, M16 Halftracks, and the ZSU) 3. How to Win the game, this really depends on the faction you are. For the Allies, I say getting the A-Bomb and nuke the enemy, since a single nuke will wipe out a entire base. The Axis, Using The V1s and V2 s and artillery or sending a few Maus Tanks in(This depends of Tech level). For the Soviets, build up a very large force of your strongest units and then send them covered by artillery. 4. Raids: Sometimes it might be nessecary to launch a small attack force on your enemy to slow down his attacks or disable his AA defences before an Air raid. It will also increase your experience so you can tech up faster 5. Land Grab: Seize as much of the marked buildings as you can at the beginning of the game to prevent the enemy from getting to them, then reinforce them with defences and upgrading the defences as your tech levels raises. 6. Intelligence: Keep an eye on your enemy, and try to predict his next move. Look at the forces he sending so you can send the proper counters. This will prevent surpise attacks. 7. Chokepoints: Most maps have some form of Narrow Chokepoint, usually a narrow ravine or a Bridge. Use these to your advantages. If an enemy comes through, they will not be maneuver . So build Defenses and set up Artillery and AT Guns to protect it. 8. Allies: if you have a teammate(s) who is on the offensive, support him. He can distract the enemy and make them waste resources, while you tech up or during your attack. Use Cash Aid Trucks, Provide Air or Artillery Support, or move your force behind him and fortify towns he has cleared of enemies or scout the area ahead of his advance for defenses. 9. Mines and Barricades: These are very useful in forming a temporary barrier against a enemy. Use them in narrow Chokepoints and have a group of units in reserve if they break through it. 10. Scorched Earth: If you are getting ready to lose a town, Destroy it. Although he will be able to rebuild the marked structures, but it make these useless to the enemy in till he repairs it and leave mines behind. What do you think of the hints.
  12. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Pop-up Turrets Question

    No actually they did Rise of the Reds, All Stars, and few other Zero Hour mods on there. I don't see why they can't accept this mod.
  13. This experiment is going to start the day after the Japenese Attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941,..Control the entire course of the war from there. Will Great Britian Fall to the German War Machine? Will the United States mainland fill the wrath of the German Blitzkrieg? Will Montgomery fail and the Germans take North Africa and the Middle East? Will Hitler and the Nazi Party be successfully assinated by the players and continue their thirst for World Domination? Will Moscow fall to the Germans? Will the Soviet Union take over all of Europe? Will history repeat itself? Will the players make the right decsions or totally Fuck up history forever? Ask me for map since I couldn't find out how to post attachments It ain't over till one side controls all the land(Except Sweden) Should I allow the players to develope their own technology through modding as long as they release the new units with a file attachment on theard
  14. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    The Ww2 Experiment

    Can I start my own World War II experiment?
  15. (2142)Gen.Reaper

    Pop-up Turrets Question

    Cool,I just got this mod and installed it in a copy of my Zero Hour Directory(I fooled the installation).Since 2.7 sounds like it is getting ready to be released.And I like what you did with the mod since it's last release.This could really attract more people to Blitzkrieg.You should try having it featured on the next Battlecast Primetime.Because that can attract alot of people.