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  1. I'm not entirely sure how often this place is frequented by people still, but I figured I'd give asking a shot regardless. I remember there being a beta for Blitz2 that had squads of infantry that could enter buildings and such, which is something I'd like to recreate in my personal mod. Unfortunately, I cannot find the download for said beta anywhere to take a look at how it was done. Does anyone know how I can make squads of infantry capable of entering transports? Or does anyone still have the old beta for me to take a look at it myself?
  2. Darthrafaël

    What Is Your Favorite Strategy In Bkii?

    Hi, could I too get the test version? I would love to test out the newest version, I love Blitzkrieg II, It's my favorite mod for zero hour! But, to stay on topic, I usually play as the Axis. Hit & Run attacks to get levels, and then an all-out assault is my usual tactic.