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  1. ottoramsaig

    It's That Time Again

    yeahhhh shutup. we're working. Take your time folks, I have been a member of other forums Silent Hunter IV for example and due to the rush job the game is totally screwed up. I would rather have this MOD perfect delivering what the screen shots offer....GOOD WORK GUYS :lol:
  2. ottoramsaig

    It's That Time Again

    Seen it, love it, can't wait for it! Graphics look great. Charge! :D
  3. ottoramsaig

    Hello Folks

    Just want to say hello, I am interested in learning how to Mod C & C. I am dowloading the instructions and hope to be an active member. Stubbled on to this site and was amazed at the total conversion 2.0. What worries me is the fact that the last post I seen here was made in Oct 2006. I think I can be contributor soon and pick up the work needed to complete V2.0 :P