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  1. Hi, is there a way to make a no-movies mod? Something like the no-intro mod. This is why: movies takes 3.7Gb (at least in spanish version), and since the ppl who already played the game, doesn't need them anymore, I would like to make customs moviesX.big files to save space because I want to start experimenting with new textures and stuff like that. If anyone knows, I would like just a few tips and hints of how to do it. May I use empty 0Kb vp6 and snd files or that won't make it?
  2. sominus

    [mapping] How To View The Official C&c3 Maps

    You can also add skirmish players to the players' list and play the SP maps on MP (I guess you can play in skirmish as well, didn't try). Just asign the "bad guy" buildings/units to Player_2 and your starting base/units to Player_1 then add the Player_X_start waypoint where they are supossed to be, and it will be like playing a mission from the campaign. The bad side: Scripts won't work unless you tweak them to work with skirmish Player_X. It might sound as a lot of work so, what's the point on doing this? Well, you can net-play in coop with a friend a map from the campaign in "Brutal" difficulty wich I found interesting.
  3. I've noticed that WB' tools add lots of polys when you edit even if that area is flat. Now the retail maps has areas with just and empty square. Is there a way to make an area just a plain square with a few polygons? (the Height Brush won't do it, it adds lots of polys). Im asking this 'cause I think lots of polys contributes to slow the game.
  4. sominus

    Is This Legal?

    Hi. Since retail MP maps are most for 2/3 players and they are too "symethric", also I like human-coop against AI, well I've decided to modify some maps from the campaign and make them Multiplayer. My first attempt was Sarajevo. I've made it 2 human coop against 1 AI player and kept the Nod base almost intact (just removed their tech-center and changed some buildings to another place. When the match starts, Nod has their original base already built for its own while we have to build ours from scratch. So attacks comes at the 1st minute. Also made a very basic script to allow human players to receive a reinforcement (2 veteran mammoth tanks) if they manage to accomplish some stuff. Had to do some re-texturing and terrain tewaking to reduce polygons. Also made a camera animation for the reinforcements but it's laggy on net-play. Anyway, my question is: Is this legal to do? Can it be considered "modding a map"?? May I post/share them somewhere? Thank you and forgive me my crap english.