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    Tiberium Crawling Mod ?

    It's not really possible to change this with a simple mod. Well.. it is, but only for new maps created with this mod. This is because the data for each field is stored directly in the map itself. You have to change every map you got in your Maps folder and edit all fields on those maps. Bleh!
  2. I really do care about it! I hate to just replace graphics, I want to be able to change the layout and put some new animations in my UI. UI editing is very important and big part of total conversions, so we really need some tools. I only think most people are too lazy to post their opinion about it.. :/ I'd help you with the tools if I would be able to, but right now, I don't know how to do flash and can't code C#/C++... :/
  3. ThunderX86

    How To Get...

    uh... it IS just for assigning fxlaser.tga to "fxlaser" material name. Lasercode is specified in unit xmls. Look at the xml code of the Nod Avatar, Beamcannon, Obelisc, GDI Predatortank (Railgun = Laser) and so on... Just search for LaserDraw Tags. Also take a look at the Avatars and Obeliscs Weapontemplate in GlobalData\Weapon.xml Oh, here's the xml code for fxlaser.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <Texture id="fxalienlaser" File="fxalienlaser.dds"/> </AssetDeclaration>
  4. ThunderX86

    Now Taking Ui Requests

    K... but that won't change the layout of the MainMenu. ^^ Ah, something else... I always wanted to be able to change the font color in the LoadScreen (and get rid of the Command apt / Command.swf thingy). Can you try this?
  5. ThunderX86

    Now Taking Ui Requests

    I think, what many modders want is to change the layout of the Main Menu and get rid of the spinning globe or replace it (theres no gfx file for it?!). Uh... and something else: Is it possible to add more then four UnitAbilityButton Slots or is this Hardcoded? ^^
  6. ThunderX86

    Loadscreen Music

    After changing the main menu music, I wanted to replace the LoadScreen music, but it won't work. In the MiscAudio.xml the entry for the LS music seems to be SaveFileLoadMusic="TEMP_RAM_Music360_LoadScreen" (I used worldbuilder to check the music, it's the one played while loading a map). The TEMP_RAM_Music360_LoadScreen looks like this: <MusicTrack id="TEMP_RAM_Music360_LoadScreen" inheritFrom="MusicTrack:BaseMusicTrack" Volume = "50" Control="FADE_ON_KILL" > <VolumeSliderMultiplier Slider="NONE" Multiplier="1.0" /> <!-- This is a fake to prevent the volume sample from being quieted by the movie playing on the main menu --> <Filename>CNC3_LoadScreen_RAM</Filename> </MusicTrack> This entry points to CNC3_LoadScreen_RAM, which is located in AUDIO:audioassets.xml. I can't look at the XML of this audio file, since was not delivered with one of the extra SDK packages. But there is this code in MiscAudio.xml: <!-- =================================== LOAD SCREEN MUSIC =================================== --> <!-- Two very important things about load screen music: 1) The multisound must not be marked "LOOP" 2) The Music Tracks should be set as "RAM" tracks, not streaming. See TM_CNC3_AC_ANY_02_v2_10-12-06_RAM for how to do this. One not-so important thing: 3) It should probably be set as "FADE_ON_KILL" not "ALLOW_KILL_MID_FILE" to avoid cutting out --> <!-- ================== TEMPORARY 360 LOAD SCREEN MUSIC LOADED INTO RAM NON STREAMING =================================== --> <!-- AudioAssets.xml has addition _RAM entry that makes this music track load into RAM: <AudioFile id="TM_CNC3_AC_ANY_02_v2_10-12-06_RAM" File="AUDIO:tracks\tm_cnc3_ac_any_02_v2_10-12-06.wav" PCCompression="EALAYER3" IsStreamedOnPC="false" XenonCompression="XMA" IsStreamedOnXenon="false" /> --> Looking at this code I will have to use some wav file for my new LoadScreen music. I created a new 48KHz wav file with the new music I want to use, and copied it into my Audio folder (I also tried Audio/tracks). This is the code I used: <AudioFile id="DAW_LS_RAM" File="AUDIO:LoadScreen.wav" PCCompression="NONE" IsStreamedOnPC="false" XenonCompression="XMA" IsStreamedOnXenon="false" /> <MusicTrack id="TEMP_RAM_MusicDAW_LoadScreen" inheritFrom="MusicTrack:BaseMusicTrack" Volume = "50" Control="FADE_ON_KILL" > <VolumeSliderMultiplier Slider="NONE" Multiplier="1.0" /> <!-- This is a fake to prevent the volume sample from being quieted by the movie playing on the main menu --> <Filename>DAW_LS_RAM</Filename> </MusicTrack> I also changed SaveFileLoadMusic="TEMP_RAM_Music360_LoadScreen" to SaveFileLoadMusic="TEMP_RAM_MusicDAW_LoadScreen". I compiled my mod, got no errors but I still can't hear my new LoadScreen sound. I also tryed to use an audioasset.xml (located in AUDIO:audioasset.xml like the original one) but the result was the same. I also got no errors in my log files. I tryed the same with the original IDs (TEMP_RAM_Music360_LoadScreen and CNC3_LoadScreen_RAM), same result. Am I the first trying this, or did anyone manage to change the LoadScreen music to a custom audio file?
  7. @Banshee: Looked at your OSBE and it's good to see you implemented a tree view. :) Hmn.. but then, we need another tool to get the files from the bmri sets. :P
  8. ThunderX86

    Major Sdk Bug Discovered

    Thx for this info, someone at thundermods.net already told me about this bug, when using the w3x tools... I hope we'll get another version of the SDK, but I don't really think so... Any chance you implement some fix for this in your own tools? ^^
  9. K, if OSBE is developed by someone else, it's a good thing. But someone said, that the files EA gave us aren't up to date, and I also do think that there are some other files which aren't in the zips from EA...
  10. Thx for the tools! I'm really looking forward to an APT editor.. modding the UI is an important part of a total conversion. Please write your own .big manager! Afaik, OS Big Editor was from the same author as the PMM, so I don't think we'll get updates, and the version we have isn't working well... ( some things like memory errors or so.. ). It can't even handle that much bimr-sets inside the big files, and it can't extract xmls. Now that we have the xsd files, we got all valid parameters for the xmls, don't we? We seriously need a big manager which can extract the original data, and I don't think we'll get official tools for that. :/
  11. I'll post your request on my Homepage. Btw... are you ignoring my pm? :/
  12. Great idea jonwil. My request: Add support for language packs Some people can't read english... ;)
  13. Not sure about the big file. The original maps only use a bimr set, not a big file. I think the only way is to name that big file "map.big", and save it in your maps folder. Just test it... :o
  14. ThunderX86

    Palestinian Modmaker 0.21

    BOB: http://www.derelictstudios.net/forums/inde...437#entry308775
  15. ThunderX86

    Palestinian Modmaker 0.21

    It works now, thx! Small suggestion: Add a cancel button in the "creating temp for" dialog if possible. It's annoying to wait +160 seconds just because the wrong file was selected... ^^
  16. ThunderX86

    Palestinian Modmaker 0.2

    Didn't work anyway.
  17. ThunderX86

    Palestinian Modmaker 0.2

    Does not work for me and some other people... oO It just fills my ram, and does nothing else... Had to kill it with the taskmanager.
  18. ThunderX86

    Updated Walls Mod

    Just build in some progress bar if possible, and it will be ok. ;)
  19. ThunderX86

    Cooperative Maps?

    Should be possible, but you have to set the starting points for each player like in every other multiplayer/skirmish map (so you have to start with a construction yard). If you don't want the players to start with a construction yards, you can destroy them with scripts, but be sure to place another building on the outside of the map border, or you'll lose instantly.
  20. ThunderX86

    Updated Walls Mod

    I think these files are some of the scripts which are imported in singleplayermaps. Look at a singleplayer map, there are some imported scripts with ObjectLists which cannot be edited.
  21. ThunderX86

    Os Big Editor 0.63 (binmaker Support)

    I have 2 GB of memory and get this "Out of memory" error too. This only happens if I try to extract something from a bimr-group which is still in some big file, but not with bmirs which are directly stored on my hd.
  22. ThunderX86

    Os Big Editor 0.63 (binmaker Support)

    /me votes for temp files
  23. ThunderX86

    Binmaker Update

    Thx... but too bad map.bimr are not working with this version... that's what I wanted to try. ^^ Just wanted to try, if it's possible to activate the walls per map, not as a global mod.