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  1. GroznI

    A Little Help Please? Anyone!

    I did it all... And it didnt help either... :( So I think there is no other way... The only is if someone send me the alredy patched .exe file... So please if it is not a problem send it to me... :(
  2. GroznI

    A Little Help Please? Anyone!

    Guess what... Same thing... :( Can you please send me the already patched .exe file on my e-mail. Or if it is too big to find me on MSN. I hope you dont mind. I am getting sceptic... :(
  3. Hello all. :) I am new to the site. I love your AR2 mod and I think it is the best out there. I wish you all the best for the future and I hope that the final version will be something that will get back all the RA2 players and some new ones too. Best of luck! :) Now to get on with my problem. <_< I have installed a clean copy of RA2+YR. But when I try to patch YR it tells me that it found a file with the same name but it cannot patch it, because it is old or doesnt exist. How can this be? When I installed a new copy of it! I tried allmost all patches on the i-net! Same thing with all! So I want to asko somebody... anyone... Can you send me the already patched .exe and the other files if there are such. I love this mod, and I really want to play it. So please anyone help me. PLEASE! :( My e-mail adress - donz_wheels@abv.bg My msn adress - dr1v3rbg@hotmail.com