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  1. hawk10314

    Farewell Pc, Hello Imac

    Good... Goooood.... its just a matter of time until macs take over the world!
  2. hawk10314

    Farewell Artemis, Hello Athena

    this sounds like a mod idea... all the mac tanks will be aluminum and glass while the windows tanks will be made out of crappy plastics. also the mac tanks need to start with i. OMG imagine the hero units! Mind controlling steve jobs and a bill gates that can... that can... hmm wtf can he do that would be cool?..
  3. hawk10314

    Army Promos!

    the russians have the best so far imo. nothing can beat a pop music army clip with a singing drill instructor. :lol:
  4. hawk10314

    Army Promos!

    What would be the point of a military ad in Singapore if military service is mandatory? :huh:
  5. hawk10314

    Who The Hell Are You?

    lmao, thought you had the steve jobs wardrobe for a second with the first two pics.
  6. hawk10314

    Farewell Artemis, Hello Athena

    not like apple trys to hide that lol
  7. hawk10314

    Farewell Artemis, Hello Athena

    yeah I can pretty much do that for the most part. I don't see the point in zooming out and then typing. here are some things that I use a lot. First to get the most practicality out of all this. OS X has something called hot corners where i just put the cursor all the way into any of the 4 corners of my screen to trigger shortcuts rather then mouse buttons or keyboard shortcuts. no matter how many windows there are or how small the screen I can see everything that is open at once in live time. there are two ways. one way is all windows. and the second one which is just the applications windows. this works wonders for photoshop or if you have a lot of word documents open and you just want to see those and not other windows belonging to other aps. here is something neat that i can do with zooming. If Im looking at youtube or news streams I can zoom it in large enough to enjoy it and I don't have to toggle in and out of full screen and its all live an interact with the website or anything really. what is great it that the screen follows the cursor so you don't have to keep repositioning your screen when you want to zoom. and for the future here is what spaces can do Here
  8. hawk10314

    Who's Your Daddy?

  9. hawk10314

    Who's Your Daddy?

    Cold War Crisis 2
  10. hawk10314

    Farewell Artemis, Hello Athena

    OS X has it. and with spaces coming out with leopard it makes it even less needed for a big screen.
  11. hawk10314

    Farewell Artemis, Hello Athena

    If I posted what mine is I would be flamed and get hate post.
  12. hawk10314


    can you hold the tablet in landscape mode? or does it just have the vertical few.
  13. hawk10314

    You Bunch Of Faggots

    happy birthday
  14. hawk10314

    Farewell Artemis, Hello Athena

    A flyer came in the mail yesterday showing off HPs new 20" laptob. Im sure the battery life is like 5 minutes on something like that lmao. I see you have windows vista... :ph34r:
  15. hawk10314

    Coffee Or Tea

    tea with some milk and lots of sugar. I use a beer funnel to drink it.
  16. hawk10314


    Im the oddball
  17. hawk10314

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    that just blew my mind away... 56% said the sun rotates around the earth. Thats just fucking sad. im sorry.
  18. hawk10314

    If Meetings Were Like Forums

    jesus googlebot. at least give the topic some time to grown before you start doing that shit. lmao at the movie. I like the part where the ipod nano girl came in
  19. hawk10314

    Buying A Monitor?

    Id get one of these
  20. hawk10314

    Rise Of The Machines

    get the @$$% out of here, that is cool shit. :blink:
  21. hawk10314

    Tweaks And Polish

    looks way to clean for a tank factory. the windows could use some spicing up along with the overall building. maybe a bib underneath it also? Its to contrasting imo
  22. hawk10314

    Rise Of The Machines

    its not a robot, its a big ass RC tank with a gun. I thought these things were on patrol alone on auto or something. Cool anyways but I think a mouse and a keyboard or an xbox controller would be better for controlling it lmao.
  23. hawk10314

    Cnc3 Expansion (kane's Wrath) Finally Announced!

    what cracks me up is that they are trying to stop people from using buildings and sonic towers to destroy peoples bases but now EA put one on a hover platform so you don't even need to waste money on a chain of buildings.
  24. hawk10314

    What Media Player Do You Use?

    yeah WMP 11 lags the shit out of anything I play. couldn't enjoy music while I played games.
  25. hawk10314

    What Media Player Do You Use?

    iTunes, VLC