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    Your Dx10 Gfx Card Won’t Support Dx10.1

    I used to play blitz awhile ago, and even when I came back I thought why not make a new map for it. After I got Vista I installed generals ZH and the latest of Blitz 2 on it. go to the world builder open it up and long and behold there are no textures. Everything was white. it wasn't blitz because I uninstalled and reloaded everything but to make sure it wasn't blitz I tested the WB with just generals, still nothing. So that game was useless to me. BF2142 didn't work for me either because something with vista and punk buster. So again, nothing worked. In all I haven't lost anything. CnC 3 is coming out for mac within reasonable time along with SC 2 and other things. Right now I don't miss anything from windows. I can work in peace without being being notified 10 thousand times that my computer is at risk because I shut off my firewall and other automatic updates. Its easier to find things on my mac then it was on windows now that I have 1 of each folder instead of 3 documents folders 2 program files and other things. Yes, it is expensive, but hey, I think it was the best choice I made in terms of technology for a long, long time. some things I don't like about OS X is that that the green light doesn't maximize, it just resizes to the default of the app your using. I always have a menu weather it be with a window or an application, unlike vista I don't need to go digging around to find folder settings. So yeah thats my mactacular life.
  2. hawk10314

    Your Dx10 Gfx Card Won’t Support Dx10.1

    This is the only game I need
  3. hawk10314

    Your Dx10 Gfx Card Won’t Support Dx10.1

    Did I tell you about my cool photo album I made with iPhoto the other day? that was after I spent 2 hours making funny faces using photo booth. I also don't need to run a spell check on my post anymore because there is spell check on the whole OS anywhere I type, even here, so I can easily catch my mistakes before I post. I got to go now, I'm late for a meeting. Luckily iCal notified me of it.
  4. hawk10314

    Your Dx10 Gfx Card Won’t Support Dx10.1

    Glad I use a mac now :lol: the ultimate MS immunity!
  5. hawk10314

    Illustrator Anyone?

    looks good, only thing I noticed that looks funny to my eye is the right sleeve. It looks like its a cloth draped over his arm rather then his arm going through it. Other then that it looks nice.
  6. hawk10314

    Help /b/randon

    Just.. wow...
  7. hawk10314

    Some Help From The Pc People...

    I made the switch to a mac about a week ago. Im using a macbook pro (Love it). As you may have heard there's something called bootcamp from apple that lets me run a partition of my HD for Windows. As I see Vista is the future of windows anyway I might as well use it instead of trying to ignore it with XP. I was thinking about just getting Vista Home Basic. Just the windows without the bells and whistles that go along with it. For as much as I like to be a PC rebel there are some things that it would be nice to have windows when needed. (I dont think DS will be making any mods for mac users anytime soon :lol: ) PS> (This weekend I'll be out of town so I wont see your replies until noon sunday EST) thanks in advance.
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    World Of Warcraft - Another Expansion

    BF2142 an FPS Im pretty sure you have to play a lot to unlock all the weapons. there's one for a grind other then mmos. I can understand the lvling in wow. If you play your class just out of the box at lvl 60 or 70 you will suck for about the same amount of time it would have taken you to get to lvl 1-60 or 70. The classes in the game have a shitload of abilities and it takes time to learn them. The game isn't bad its a game that takes time to play and to learn and to be good at. Another example of this is in any RTS when you play through the campaign. mission number one you never have all your "toys" you have to build up to that. WoW is a great game weather you play it or not is up to you. but for those of us who have played it for 2 years (yes me) I didn't play it because it sucked. You just need a break here and there.
  9. hawk10314

    World Of Warcraft - Another Expansion

    I played WoW for some time, I haven't touched the game in a long time but have played the BC expansion. I will also play the new one but like with BC, once I get done with the new zones and some instances (I don't raid) Ill stop playing until the next expansion. Its a fun game to say the least and I do plan to pace myself. But I wont kill myself over it like I did before BC.
  10. hawk10314

    Illustrator Anyone?

    Was it traced over the photo or just for reference? very nice either way.
  11. hawk10314

    Some Help From The Pc People...

    OK read the replies. I think im going to hold off on windows anyway until i really do need it. thanks for the pointers.
  12. hawk10314

    Making A Better Mouse Trap..

    Recently I have been having a mouse issue with in the kitchen, they seem to come up through where the washing machine drain pipe is. The mouse traps they sell in the store dont work even the glue traps dont even keep them there. Using regular household items what would be the best way to catch a mouse? Describe it, sketch it, hell if you have a video you found show it here.
  13. hawk10314

    Minnesota Bridge Disaster

    First the steam pipe in NY now the bridge in MN?! Our country is falling apart! Only a few people died for it being bumper to bumper traffic on the bridge. Amazing to say the least...
  14. hawk10314

    Making A Better Mouse Trap..

    I GOT HIM! I did a combo of glue traps and peanut butter placed in a row with the bait in the middle. Just 1 mouse so far... But the poor thing was still alive I tried to get him out of his sticky situation, but couldn't he just stuck to anything I put him on. So in the end I just threw him over my fence and hoped something would eat him.
  15. hawk10314

    Last Week

    At first I thought that the volcano we built DS in erupted. :lol:
  16. hawk10314

    What Did You Eat Just Now?

    I remember back in the good old days when DS actualy accomplished projects. This is what the forums have come to. :lol: penne vodka for me ;)
  17. hawk10314

    My First Attempt At Painting In Photoshop

    you sure thats your first? I never got the hang of making smooth transitions from light and dark. you have any pointers for me (this goes to godwin too lol). use of layers settings and things... looks good imo
  18. hawk10314

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

    HARRY DIES ON PAGE 104241553!!!
  19. hawk10314

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    Jobbs vs gates! LMAO
  20. hawk10314

    Godwin's Space Relaunch

    very cool as always. only thing I noticed is that I think the page gets cut off when I go to the gallery. other then that its top notch
  21. hawk10314

    Real Lives

    You are born as a new baby boy, your name is antonio you live in rome. you are hit by a car on your way back from the hospital you die at age 0.
  22. hawk10314

    The Perfect Sandwich!

    while I was in Italy more pinpoint, Capri (An island off of sorrento), I had the most amazing thing in the world. It was a sandwich with Prosciutto mozzarella and tomato on a roll. It was amazing.... What is the perfect sandwich for you?
  23. hawk10314

    Who The Hell Are You?

    OMG your the numa numa guy! :ph34r:
  24. hawk10314

    Road Rampage!

    He wanted an iphone but diddnt have the money so he tried to stop anyone who did have one from using it.
  25. hawk10314

    The Perfect Sandwich!

    thats because your not eating the sub the right way, its an art really.