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    The Perfect Sandwich!

    omg subway is garbage... quiznoes is where its at. you need to be shown the light.
  2. hawk10314


    I use a dutch oven a lot in camping, you dont put it right in the fire but rather wait for the coals to come from the fire. put some on the bottom and if you want you can put some on the top. the way you alternate the heat inside is by taking away coals here and there or adding them where needed.
  3. hawk10314

    C&c3 Sdk Information

    its hard to say that about just cnc or starcraft pretty much any rts you can say that.. if you can do it faster then why not use hot-keys?
  4. hawk10314

    Who The Hell Are You?

    is that a necklace of fruitloops lmao! :lol:
  5. hawk10314

    Who The Hell Are You?

    I had to close that window within 5 seconds because anymore then that and you have taken contol of my mind lmao :lol:
  6. hawk10314

    Who The Hell Are You?

    took this a few days ago while I was in Italy
  7. hawk10314

    What Was Your First Car?

    96 blazer... diddnt start in the rain lol
  8. hawk10314

    ....i Phone

    I like the full internet browser. voicmail where I can choose which one I want to listen to instead of hearing 10 messages until i get to the one I want to hear. has an ipod built in, google maps, did I mention full internet? Ill probably get it somehwere down the line not to mention I dont have to wait in the store I can just buy it and do all the paperwork at home. oh btw it has full internet.
  9. hawk10314

    What Do You Drive?

    2006 accord
  10. hawk10314

    Which World War 2 Tank Are You?

    I still have IconOfEvi with his "Elefant" as backup. :P @hawk ??? Regards, ironduke57 you mean you never heard of it? only the most nimble and agile of all the WW2 tanks. never saw combat... :lol:
  11. hawk10314

    Which World War 2 Tank Are You?

  12. hawk10314

    Apple != Win

    We're not talking about the new Mighty Mouses...if anything, its the totally wrong approach. "HEY GUYS, LETS GO FROM ONE BUTTON TO FOUR PLUS SENSORS...BUT STILL MAKE IT LOOK LIKE ONLY ONE BUTTON!!". I mean...shit, is it THAT hard to make two buttons? Two VISIBLE buttons? Oh, how PC! because we all look at the mouse wheh we click it to make sure we press the right button.....
  13. hawk10314

    Apple != Win

    actualy the mouse has a lot more buttons then waht it looks like 4 buttons for clicking and side snesors for other shortcut functions. I think to many people compare PCs to the macs they used in school and yes they fucking suck. But there are also really bad PCs just like there are really bad macs and vise versa.
  14. hawk10314

    Apple != Win

    yes but if you look back at the CISU model from late 2006 the mitus400CPU was at least 25.335678 gyroplexes faster then the latest 7cm350 prototype from the AMD line. But ofcourse by all means if I were to stick an extra fligadex235b.01 onto the side of the mitus3c it might be better in the long run.
  15. hawk10314

    Apple != Win

    Blizzard games run on mac and EA is going to Mac also but you guys are right if I want to play a game but it doesnt run on a mac I couldnt do it unless there was a way I could run windows on a mac....... oh wait you can! :lol:
  16. hawk10314

    2012 Olympic Games London

    Eh.... I hear the UK isnt to pleased with this one. what do you guys think. Something was said that they spent 800,000 to create it also. I think I see the UK islands in there but its hard to make out. I dont care for it myself I think they could have done better for 800k. <_< How do the DS UK members feel most of all?
  17. hawk10314

    Apple != Win

    an apple taste better too. you ever bite into windows? you will cut your teeth for sure. :ph34r:
  18. hawk10314

    Apple != Win

    Dont forget that every mac is also blessed personally by Steve Jobs himself inside a giant white apple.
  19. hawk10314

    Apple != Win

    Because I can look at word doc, PS ,Ill and others in about a few flips if I need to while opening the actual document in the applications takes more time and more windows that I rather not have open. Also if I have 2 different versions with slight differences of something I made a while back I can see the difference a lot easier. Not to mention that after unloading a memory card and all your pics are named 000X102.jpg or something it would be nice to have it full screen in a flip case imo. About the stacks. Make a new stack instead of having all your stuff in one. Also not everything you download is going to be the same type of file. It would go into another stack automatically. Leapard is going to have ONE 64/32 version for every mac they ship and the upgrade is just 129$ for it unlike the 10 versions of vista and their price ranges. I have a 64 bit system but I run 32 bit vista. want to know why? because on the back of the vista case it says if I would like a 64 bit copy I would have to order it from Microsoft directly and they send me the CDs in the mail.... WTF is that? Also I'm using safari and it kicks the shit out of any other browser I used.
  20. hawk10314

    Apple != Win

    Cover Flow and Quick look ftw. Vista can suck my balls and bill gates runs like a girl.
  21. hawk10314

    Does This Make Sense To Anyone?

    Id like to buy a vowel.
  22. hawk10314

    Windows Vista Strikes Again!

    My recycling bin decided to recycle itself in the process of emptying itself and i don't know how the fuck to get it back! any help? this happened once before and i had to enter a folder code or something but i cant find it :(
  23. hawk10314

    Windows Vista Strikes Again!

    I see the point. I really really dont like vista. what I like about the macs is the boot camp I can get the intell mac and if I really dont like it i can run windows on it. hard to go wrong. after installing vista on my computer it feels like it runs a lot slower... even with the fancy glass shit turned off. my family got a mac mini and when i was installing vista on this computer i backed up all my stuff on the mac it took two seconds to get the mac working but the windows was a little anoying. Then when I went to put the stuff back on the PC with vista I couldnt figure how to get windows to accept the macs connection but the mac recognized the PC.. :huh: I know I sound like the "hi im a mac" comercial but im just telling you guys what I had to go through. and its not like Im going to be using it for gaming hence why Id like it as a labtop and not my main computer. It would mostly be for school and most schools use mac so thats always a plus.
  24. hawk10314

    Windows Vista Strikes Again!

    fixed it. ;) yeah I really dont like vista... I am contemplating buying a macbook for a labtop. *discuss*
  25. hawk10314

    D-day 2007

    Today is D-Day if you guys forgot. I myself did until I saw the flag at half mast at my school and I rememberd. Let us not forget this day for it was that day and the people who died then and now that allows us to play our WW2 games FPS RTS alike.