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  1. hawk10314

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    This is why hitler really lost the war! LMFAO
  2. hawk10314

    2012 Olympic Games London

    @ icon the circle was to represent the london eye. Meanwhile... back at the ranch, I hope they really do change it. <_<
  3. hawk10314

    2012 Olympic Games London

    just fooling around...
  4. hawk10314

    2012 Olympic Games London

    Im not trying to be a dick or anything I really did not see the 2012 in those shapes.
  5. hawk10314

    2012 Olympic Games London

    Holy shit? is that what it says? and why does the 2 have two segments... :o
  6. hawk10314

    Funny Spam

    LOL :lol:
  7. hawk10314

    D-day 2007

    indeed. except for that hitler guy I hear he was a total ass.
  8. hawk10314

    The War And Peace Show

    doesnt anyone who lives in the UK live kinda close to this? :lol:
  9. hawk10314

    One Week!

    I was expecting a better trailer from that week long concept art show off which I loved to the fullest. :(
  10. hawk10314

    Microsoft Surface

    Its times like these that im happy I live in the future. :D
  11. hawk10314

    Myspace Eats Your Brain!

    Myspace downtime causes people to break down :lol:
  12. hawk10314

    Myspace Eats Your Brain!

    Yeah I know. I just didn't want to insult the intelligence of the people here assuming people know how to read headers. :P
  13. hawk10314

    Kill The Wabbit, Kill The Wabbit!

    classic :)
  14. hawk10314

    Trevor's Thread

    Pink or yellow lemonade? and is it ok to mix to get ornage lemonade
  15. hawk10314

    Your Favorite Beer?

    Ill have a samuel adams.
  16. hawk10314

    Something Is Up At Blizzard

    Here are some gameplay vids. Looks smooth and playable. :) http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=4868
  17. hawk10314

    Something Is Up At Blizzard

    I kinda like the 3D cartoon look of games.... Im looking foward to it I never played SC 1 so its all new to me.
  18. hawk10314

    We Made Brownies And I Think We Are Dead...

    LOL "really really really slow"
  19. hawk10314

    Something Is Up At Blizzard

    I'll put money on it that we will find out at Blizzcon this year. Thats in the late summer early fall I think. For WoW Im sure they are going to let BC ride out its wave for some time while they work on SC 2 or as trevor said if it was MMO based it would most likely be an FPS.
  20. hawk10314

    Something Is Up At Blizzard

    hmmm.... the tides of addiction have come again! :ph34r:
  21. hawk10314

    Beehives Just Kicked In, Y0!

    We talked about this in envi sci today. I heard something that it has to do with cell phone tower radiation that confuses the bees to go to the tower and not to their hive. The way bees find their way back is by a sound (correct me if im wrong) and the cell phone towers emit a similar sound that fucks them up. (we cant hear this sound)
  22. hawk10314


    I just talk into my mic to windows vista with the word "open" and it opens the side of my case in 2 seconds. get with the times... @ trevor nice to see your still around ;)
  23. hawk10314

    Why Hallo Thar Al-queda!

    :lol: I can see it now.... (bridge hieght 11' 8") Driver "Fuck...." "You got to be shitting me, well Im not backing this thing up.." city locals come out in the morning "What... the... fuck..." :lol:
  24. hawk10314

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    This is the best!
  25. hawk10314

    Nuke The Bastards

    It is impossible to stop them, There is no country to fight there is no general to get a surrender from and there wont be a treaty. I think we are closer to solving the mysteries of the universe then solving the problems of the middle east. :wacko: