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    [mapping] Getting The Minimap To Show Up

    Hello there all, Well I have just started to use Worldbuilder for C&C3 and finally found your advice on making the minimap actually VISIBLE. I shall give it a go. After hours of fart assing around trying to figure out WHY it wouldn't show up in the small game window .......... I discovered that Worldbuilder DOESN'T actually save a coloured .tga file for use in the program (just a black one about 65Kb). Infact with a bit of experimenting, I found that one can place ANY minimap in the appropriated folder and it will show up in the game (doesn't look like the map you would actually play though!! :P ). I tried making a copy of the map and was well on the way to a clipboard copy BUT at 2am my brain did not want to function & I couldn't figure out how to copy FROM the clipboard!! Thanks to your post "DING" !! It dawned on me .....Derrrrrrr Oh.... Days later now.... it seems that one must also invert the map vertically else it will be upside down in the game... WHY?? What have I done?? :o