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  1. kmoney

    It's That Time Again

    hey you guyz should check that iraqi resistence mod out if u lookn for something to quinch your thirst because i seen dis mod and that is what it reminded me of :P
  2. kmoney

    First 2.7 News

    ok i have r2.6 cuz my first decade isn gonna work until 2.7 so who wants to ''roll the tanks'' with me gimme time n place cuz i need some action wit dis mod :lol:
  3. ok so ummmm.....wut bout us skirmishers out here who would like 2 play by ourselfs...........and evry time i go 2 play skirmish i am instantaniosly victorious? but aside of that and the damn ''old file not found'' shit ima have to say bravo to you guys it looks realy nice B)