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  1. kmoney_93

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    ummmmm :huh: WTf korona...............practice what you preach your not very grownup either aight and besides i like guns and one more thing how does shooting or guns have nothing to with blitzkrieg :huh:
  2. use .rar to compress then send 2 me ;)
  3. kmoney_93

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    well treaties are being assembled as we speak <_< damn ruskies just wait till i get my luger
  4. kmoney_93

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    well ima start one then when i get my hands on 2.7.......................deustchland is coming
  5. kmoney_93

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    will somone explain to me how this army generals thing work......how can i get on a team with abba on the axis? :unsure: oh and can you give me a list of teams :wacko:
  6. i only have an email on there :lol:
  7. kmoney_93

    Guess These Planes

    ok top is fw 190 bottom is bf110 i wanna #3 so i can shoot [cough cough ] i mean meet phoib <_< just joking :lol:
  8. hey man ill try new patch thing.....is it 2.6.15 to 2.6.20 if so send to me kmoney_93@hotmail.com if it works i have LAN parties and all my peeps be online wit it :lol:
  9. kmoney_93

    New Player List

    ummmm no actually i talked to ummm somebody they said only expecting 2.7 full next no 2.6.20
  10. kmoney_93

    When Is 2.6.20 Full Coming

    dood i tried 2 part and it malfunctions....then i reinstall generals still nothing.......i have tfd.....but if they gonna skip 2.6.20 they should hurry or ppl will lose interest
  11. kmoney_93

    The Ww2 Experiment

    well i would also think that he wouldnt want to lead a anti black/jew army.....dont you think :o
  12. kmoney_93

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    why cant you have sandbags and trenches? hall maybe even sandbagged trenches or foxholes or camoed tank bunkers?
  13. kmoney_93

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    dfont you no anything about color cosmetics? all it is is a blackish line with browner ends and just have the troops sunk into it about halfway
  14. kmoney_93

    Post Your Hamachi Networks!

    name : kmoney password : poop game :cnc zero hour mods: project raptor, retarded, shockwave, souped up super weapons general, blitzkrieg r2.6.15, holland, all stars, iraqi resistence, :lol: operation restore justice, cnc europe and i think thats all