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  1. Windows V

    Gays Responsible For Srebrenica Massacre

    Just what I was about to say.
  2. Windows V

    Cnc4, Impressions, Etc

    It looks like you're the only one who got it.
  3. Windows V

    Cnc4, Impressions, Etc

    From what little gameplay I've seen of it, C&C4 looks almost exactly like C&C3 graphics wise. Anyways, what have you done, EA? What have you done?
  4. Windows V

    Science Rules!

    People still use Fahrenheit?
  5. Windows V

    The Pacific

    I'm rather excited for this. Have been for years, ever since I heard the first rumours of it, but recently that's died down when I realised that, not having access to HBO, I won't be able to see it until it comes out on Blu-ray. (Something this epic can't be seen in just DVD quality, much less bootleg quality!) I really do hope it will be good. Eugene Sledge I first heard of in Ken Burns's The War, and I'm glad they're using his memoir as a cornerstone of their series. I just hope the Pacific theatre is shown for what it really was - a bloodbath comparable to the savagery on the German-Russian front - and not desensitised. I also hope they did a good editing job this time. (Two of the most glaring errors in BoB: Albert Blithe didn't die in 1948, he died in the 60s, and Hitler didn't die before 11 April 1945.)
  6. Windows V

    Haha, Fuck You Avatar

    Meh. He had a really great performance, but I have two gripes, his ridiculous pipe in the first scene which was an unnecessary gag that tarnished an otherwise brilliant scene and reduced it to near-perfect, and SPOILER the way he dealt with the German informant. Lunging at her and choking her in a frenzy? Come on. I know he's supposed to be sort of unpredictable, but this is not the "dangerous man in control" that he's been. I would have enjoyed it more if he had calmly withdrawn a pistol and just shot her while keeping his characteristic grin and casual sitting position.
  7. Windows V

    Haha, Fuck You Avatar

    THANK YOU. More people need to realise this. Like what if the Navi weren't cute litte (well, big) blue furries? What if they looked like the aliens from District 9? Would everyone sympathise with them then? That's why District 9 is the superior film - it forces the viewer to see past his own initial feelings of disgust. There's none of that in Avatar, it's just flat out Navi = good. Interestingly enough, I was watching Starship Troopers the other day and it totally reminded me of Avatar. So does Independence Day, strangely enough.
  8. Windows V

    Haha, Fuck You Avatar

    I'm surprised you didn't like it, Mehman. As for The Hurt Locker, I thought it was absurdly boring, as well as completely unrealistic at times (see: sniper battle), but I'm glad it beat out Avatar, and with six Oscars to boot. To bad the one Oscar it truly deserved, that of Best Actor for Jeremy Renner in his best performance ever, instead went to Jeff Bridges for playing some down on his luck singer who redeems himself through in a completely original comeback story that we've never seen before.... yawn. Quite. Where Avatar's score wasn't recycled from Horner's previous works (if you listen, you can hear strains of both Glory and Enemy at the Gates throughout), it was crap. Up's Michael Giacchino (hopefully you all recognise his name from the tremendous work he's done, including for video games) completely deserved this one.
  9. Windows V

    British Man Built Dream House-castle In Secret

    Wait - does he own the land? If so, how can the government do anything about it?
  10. Windows V

    The Bbc Thinks You Can't Count

    I understand what they're trying to do here, but what a terribly stupid example. Nobody gives a wooden nickel about doormats. A better way to put it into perspective would be to say what could be done with all that money. For example, it could feed x orphans or cure y cancer patients. Cheap shot, but that's what it takes to get your opinion across, something the BBC seems to be trying to do rather shamelessly here.
  11. Windows V

    No Marching In Wotton Bassett

  12. Windows V

    I Like Beer

    I don't always drink beer. But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.
  13. Windows V

    Japanese Companion Pillow

    You don't see this crap from the PRC! Maybe the West really is to blame for this one.
  14. If that's true, that's awesome. If those banks are able to raise their profits with this PR stunt, more power to them. Complaining about this stuff is like whining about Spanish Walmart ads. EDIT: And by the way, Little Green Footballs? Really? I would sooner expect that link coming from IconofEvi....
  15. Or maybe just the English legal system, huh? Remarkable.