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    Ra3: Trinity Defense (r3d)

    Beta v1.01 is now live. A changelog can be found on the mod's profile.
  2. OK, here are two minimods disabling superweapons. Instead of removing them completely, however, you have an option that does it - actually the "Random Crates" rule turned into something useful. At the same time I decided to remove the random crates although both at the same time would work but not everyone likes random crates, so... Give it a try if you like to toggle SW on or off with ease. ;) NoSupW.rar
  3. Generals, Zero Hour and C&C3 already got their own modifications covering Tower Defence, so why not RA3 as well? This modification features this well known game mode in which you must survive the tides of Creeps with just your towers, secondary abilities and superweapons. Single & Multiplayer Being a Multiplayer mod in first place to battle with up to 4 players against the Creeps, R3D also features Singleplayer adjustments to vary the difficulty outcome depending on player count. Every session differs Due to many random events there won't be any session completely identical to another one. So it will be slightly harder or easier whenever you start a new TD game. Define your difficulty preferences By adjusting starting credits, AI difficulty, TD mode and team setup you can define the difficulty outcome more in depth. Furthermore, you can check the "TD: Training" rule to disable the Lives system. This way you can go on playing even if you reached zero or less Lives when too many Creeps escaped and you can use this to practice and develop strategies for each R3D TD map. LINKS: >> For more information, images and stuff, check out the ModDB profile of R3D >> Discuss and find team mates in the R3D forums >> Watch the official R3D trailer >> If you want to play this mod in Skirmish, please read Skirmish Mode Hotfix >> DOWNLOAD latest Beta version Have fun! Feedback and bug reports welcome! -Dibelius
  4. Dibelius

    Dune: Arrakian Wars

    heilige shice ^^ who has drawn the vehicle?
  5. I guess, that's scripted stuff made with the World Builder. The xml's handle one general part, the sripts obviously the more detailed rest of how skirmish troops behave. You'd need to get the original Skirmish scripts for this if you don't want to rebuild them completely.
  6. True. If at least the KW World Builder would be more than just a crappy pre-version of CnC3 WB... but it has so many bugs which the CnC3 one didn't have. I guess, EA will break with mappers as well as they do obviously with modders. it's a shame...
  7. Dibelius

    C&cgeenrals Unit To C&c3

    Or you didn't add a texture for every required channel, e.g. the "DefaultW3D" shader needs a primary AND secondary texture to work properly, although you have only one mapping channel chosen there.
  8. hm, HideSubObject on attacking, reloading, between_firing_shots maybe... a little bit circumstantial though, but the only way I see since the special handler of CCG doesn't work any more for this. Afaik Stygs from TM knows how to do that. Not sure if he used my proposal or if he found another solution.
  9. And a bigger update at the end of February. Now with first 3D impressions of the allied structures: the power plant and Pulse Gun. (now even with a link :D ) >> www.ra-revolution.com
  10. Dibelius

    Used - Unused Modules

    oh. lol :lol: thought it counts as "extra" money not that stored in silos. thx
  11. Dibelius

    Used - Unused Modules

    A helpful list... it's a shame that most obsolete cool stuff doesn't work anymore, tough :( Even such simple simple things like ballistic missiles you don't have a working AI for and no THRUST locomotor type like before. Also parachute, disguise logics are not available anymore. btw: the AutoDepositUpdate seems to be bugged. I straightly copied the Tiberium Spike and only changed the InitialCaptureBonus. I took it over with an engineer but I only got the initial money on capturing, nothing more then :blink:
  12. * NEWS UPDATE - October '07 * The soviet construction crane and the allied attack dog have been finished. Pics + more info at our website. >> www.ra-revolution.com
  13. Dibelius


    post the OCL code.
  14. already tried it several times. 1) Even if those dummys are under/over water, you can't place the shipyard there du to invalid terrain for construction. 2) If you place those dummys on land (at the coast), it works of course (with a dummy geometry of the shipyard at least), but you can't control how the player actually rotates this building while pre-construction. If the doors are rotated towards land, all the units would appear there (or wouldn't be able to move at all after getting spawned, since they use a WATER locomotor). btw: setting really points for water surfaces seems to be impossible either. I made a new one and referred to a ship as a dummy. Look for the other really point buttons how to do it. It's really annoying... Well, if you have no geometry (or a tiny dummy) another problem is, you could build shipyards at the same place multiple times - at least during construction if you have a 2nd build queue and another shipyard ready. This shipyard construction is really hard to do. No clue what to do. Atm I also tend to a tech building, placed half on land and with the spawn points towards water. But it's stupid that you are not able to place them freely. So the enemies know where all the shipyards are and that's boring. :(
  15. just awsome, jonwil :) btw: do you know some good documentations or tutorials on how to write new shaders?