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  1. IcySon55

    Command & Conquer 4 Out Today

    Been playing some of this and it's basically a mixture of C&C and Counter Strike. I got it for free legitimately however so I can't complain on the money front but C&C isn't going out with a bang, more like, going out with a fizzle.
  2. IcySon55

    All Hail The Dark Lord!

    'grats Phoib.
  3. IcySon55

    Grassland - Terrain

  4. IcySon55

    Grassland - Terrain

    So mappers will be able to use three different sizes when constructing their borders, ala this: An almost completed patch of dirt: I have yet to create the corners. There might also be diagonal versions of the borders tiles, but those will have to wait as they're not easy to create by any means.
  5. IcySon55

    Grassland - Terrain

    So here we go. I've concluded that using terrain texture smoothing doesn't do our art style justice and using the terrain textures as transition tiles isn't practical since they're huge. The result is to use terrain objects instead. The mod will feature several tiles for use in creating transitions between textures on the ground. Like this:
  6. IcySon55

    Ebn - Autobomb

  7. That's what I thought. If you want to, you can use my BIG Manager to create a RefPack compressed BIG4 instead. Smaller download and/or taking up less space when installed would be the only benefit really. Up to you.
  8. What did you use to create the big file in this pack? It doesn't seem to follow any of the format specs for a C&C3, RA3 BIG4 file.
  9. IcySon55

    Taktics Is Back!

  10. Found them in the XSDs. They are an enumerated type, so we can't create our own. They control unit movement and targeting behaviour.
  11. IcySon55

    Ebn - Hawkshot Jet

    You were waiting... :D
  12. IcySon55

    Ebn - Dream Rift

    After a few headaches, this thing is nearing completion.
  13. IcySon55

    Grassland - Cliffs

    I doubt there's much else I can do with the transition. The colours are meant to be solid and carved with black lines. On another note, I've completed a set to connect straight cliffs to diagonal tiles. Like so:
  14. IcySon55

    Grassland - Cliffs

    So I begin the headache-full process of creating the cliffs for Grassland. After a few weeks of mucking around with the texture, the models, and the shaders I finally located the proper way to create seamless cliff "tiles". So here is screenshot #1:
  15. IcySon55

    Ebn - Hawkshot Jet