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    Ok, my nephew has me confused with the AI Editor. Ive crashed the game trying to figure this out. I took my new units out of the game until I get this. When I have my new unit for the Americans in the game the computer builds troops but no vehicles. I read DeeZire's AI Guide & this is what I guess is right, Some help please. The number that goes under taskforce, I see letters in this what number do I give my task force? After I give my taskforce a # I put what troops I want in that Taskforce (the new troops that I created that me & the computer can now build) The number that foes under Scripttypes, once again I see letters in this this what number do I give my task force Ok, for this part you name the script. We are tryin to put a new unit for the computer to build, would this be the script for that? ########### Name=Build (new unit) 0=29,4 1=5,10 2=6,1 The number that foes under Teamtypes, what do I number can I give my task force any #? This is what I think goes for Teamtypes: Name=(new unit) VeteranLevel=1 MindControlDecision=0 Loadable=no Full=no Annoyance=no GuardSlower=no House=all Recruiter=no Autocreate=yes Prebuild=no Reinforce=no Droppod=no UseTransportOrigin=no Whiner=no LooseRecruit=no Aggressive=yes Suicide=no Priority=5 Max=1 TechLevel=5 Group=-1 OnTransOnly=no AvoidThreats=no IonImmune=no TransportsReturnOnUnload=no AreTeamMembersRecruitable=no IsBaseDefense=no OnlyTargetHouseEnemy=no Script=(# of the scrit) TaskForce=(# of the taskforce) AI Trigger Types ####### (what do I give it) = (name I want to give it?) , (teamtype#), <all>,5(tech Lvl) the rest I dont know.