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  1. nexx_

    Funny Quotes And Jokes Thread

    Fixed. Haha, good call :lol:
  2. Source code hey? Something else to distract me away from my c++ assignment :P
  3. nexx_

    As I Thought, Ea Console

    I seriously don't see everything being streamed, services like steam are great. But so much has to be done client side in terms of processing that I don't see any real benefit, aside from distribution costs.
  4. Seems more likely to provoke them to me, and this seems like an excuse to keep the Palestinian population under control, it is the normal people who will be most affected by this.
  5. nexx_

    Get Yourself A Leopard Tank

    Haha, that would be fun ;)
  6. Haha, I did wonder if that would make a return, "negotiator" indeed.
  7. nexx_

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Haha that wasn't me, im in the middle and thats not my hand =P I usually drink Smirnoff Triple Distilled pure vodka at home , whatever I feel like when im out - check the favourite beverages thread =) (I've got 5 bottles of the stuff behind my monitor lol, although 3 are almost empty)
  8. nexx_

    The Biggest Drink Of All Time

    Haha. I read that this morning, it's awesome. You would think a hospital would be better equiped though =P.
  9. Are we talking about the website? You guys have me lost now... Edit: I was posting a reply to a post on the previous page, looks like I didn't page attention to page numbers.
  10. The story was a little more complex then that, but they didn't hurt anyone, that's the point. They could be labeled as terrorists, but the point is that label is used all to openly these days, and used as an excuse to reign terror on others, it's all a bit confused. The world is just governments insulting and playing games with each other.
  11. Haha I got the link from Digg, the was another to the telegraph here but yeah. Probably both a little bit unreliable ;)
  12. Looks like the UK government is pledging support for a US war again. And yet again it looks like the UK + US will be going to "war" unprovoked - sounds more like an invasion to me, so much for "freedom". When do we actually get a say in what our governments are doing, no democracy here. Iran is considered a threat now because of what their president says and the fact that they want nucleur power - note the president has no real power in Iran, the military is controlled by the defense minister and the prime minister runs most of the country. News Article No doubt it won't be long before Howard pledges Australia's support too. Im getting pretty sick of these wars for "peace" (where's the logic in fighting for 'peace'?) invasions by the "coalition". How many of us actually support these wars, yet they never learn and fight it in our name anyway. As if we weren't wasting enough time/money/manpower on them already. This bit is stupid: Uh... clears the way for a British counter-terrorist strike how? Britain are dragged into it now. The only major terrorist events against western countries by Iran I can think of are the Iranian embassy hostage situation - in which the people responsible released a hostage because he was ill, and asked him to apologise on their behalf, no hostages were killed, the other being the kidknapping of US students, which granted was pretty bad. - The truth comes out, more oil! :huh:
  13. nexx_

    Favourite Beverage

    I just read Trevor's thread. Pure awesome, hahaha. :lol:
  14. nexx_

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Ah, wondered who the new person was in my friend requests =P And no actually haha, everyone thinks that, never went that dark when I lived in the UK I think it's my hair recovering in winter from the Australian summer haha :huh:. My hair was just wet and had gel in it (I think :P), yeah I love it when it goes like that =)
  15. Hehe. Incase anyone was wondering I wasn't being sarcastic, neither was any upset intended. But positive comments people! ^_^