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  1. Nem

    Hi All Guess Who? Lol

    Hahahahaha. Ahoy Mr. Yamato and Welcome Back. Blitz 2 is coming along great, I'm sure you will be satisfied with the next release.
  2. Nem

    Officer Beam Of Death

    I make particles not models. A faction symbol is Korona's domain. :ph34r:
  3. Nem

    Call Of Duty 5 Announced

    They dropped the 5 off of world at war, its a spin off now.
  4. Nem

    Now The Time Has Come For Us To Step Back Into The Light

    Or, you can watch it here.
  5. Nem

    Water Works

    Scripting would be best. ;)
  6. Nem

    Vietnam Glory Obscured

    Full size.
  7. Nem

    Vietnam Glory Obscured

    This IS an advertisement, the mod never gets the attention it deserves. >_>
  8. Nem

    Vietnam Glory Obscured

    Check it out, here.
  9. Nem

    New Maps

    Indeed I do, I plan on making several missions for blitz in the future.
  10. Good Day, I grow tired of owning you people on the same maps. So I will be creating some new, highly detailed, asymmetric maps for our enjoyment.