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    Official V1.5 Discussion

    I have a sugegestion for the Tanks ans Humve's they have 2 radio and radar antenn's. First it's see realistic and second it is missing. For example see the Mod Cold War Crisis.
  2. Ektheöion

    Official V1.5 Public Buglist

    I wrote it with the version 1.5 the Game braking off to Windows I have XP Pro. In Win stand "you have encountered a serious error your grafik Card or computer is not reach for the Game. The Error is when i build the Black Hawk or Solo Missions Americans.I can play now only Skirmish with the Chinese CPU 5000 AMD 2 GB 1800XT ATI is sufficient for the most of the games now.
  3. Ektheöion

    An Act Of War Is Dormant, For Now

    Hi 1.I have an error.i have encoutered a serious error,with 2.0 with version 1.1 i dont't have it. And i think a AMD 5000 2 Gb and ATI 1800 is sufficient fpr the game? 2.Second problem i can't build the Navy ships.