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  1. Golan

    Are You Planning To Mod Red Alert 3?

    I am definitely not going to mod RA3. Besides the point that I don´t even have the game, the engine seems to be inferior in many aspects that I´d need for my projects.
  2. Golan

    Tiberium Cancelled

    Well, seeing how little PR they had running I can´t say it really surprises me. However, what surprises me is the reason: low quality. I mean, what the hell? Sure there was only little information available so it´s hard to judge, but the setting, the atmosphere, everything I´ve seen so far looked promising for Tiberium. It simply seems impossible to me that it was actually worse than Kane´s Wrath, with all it´s glitches, bugs, and general sloppiness, or RA3 (seeing that quite some people like that game, I´m not gonna go into detail). The relatively dark setting, the advanced AI needed for it, the "fundamental design challenges" which they take as NEGATIVES... that all spells to me that they we´re afraid of making an innovative, mature game and instead prefer to stick to the C&C that they´ve now set up as the new EA (e-)Sports franchise. See you all when C&C2009 ships...
  3. Golan

    New W3x Importer

    Even though the importer will probably support animations and WWSkined models (infantry, some tanks etc.) in the future, it is limited to the w3x you actually have. To my knowledge, none of the available extractors can handle animations. It should however allow you to recreate them much more easily.
  4. Always wanted to fiddle with those pesky W3X? Now you have the chance to do so without much effort: Asuka aka Lauren aka Ju-Jin has created a 3DS script to import W3X files directly into 3DSMax. This works for most Sample Art W3x and those extracted by JonWil´s tools. The importer is still WIP but it already supports meshes with UVW which is more than enough to recreate a model (Seriously! Stygs had me do tons of these already...) for further use/editing. Future releases will probably support importing skeletons as well (i.e. also complete WWSkined models) and pivot importing. You can get the importer >>>HERE<<<. If you have any feedback and/or suggestions, please post them here.
  5. Golan

    Mod Ideas

    But in itself, an idea is useless if there´s either not the skill or the will to create a working mod out of it. Way too many people abandoned their uber awesome pwnage ideas after a short time in the past to stay enthusiastic about this...
  6. Golan

    Mod Ideas

    More like being fed-up with people who don´t understand this.... At least this is true for some of us.
  7. Golan

    Killa's Modeling Challenge!

    Finished the base model for the engines... now the next step is hoping that it´ll blend well with the fuselage design.
  8. Golan

    Killa's Modeling Challenge!

    Spaceships... that´s capital class battlecruisers only or also smaller fighters? I´ll see if I can find some time, sounds interesting.
  9. Golan

    Red Alert 3 Modding And Mapping

    I have not abandoned killasmods. I'm neglecting it again like I had done for many years before. Which in essence has the same result, now doesn´t it?
  10. Golan

    Red Alert 3 Modding And Mapping

    RA3 modding will only prosper if a bulk of experienced modders provides support for newcommers and "casual modders". Yet, who of the experienced people is likely to mod RA3? The dedicated Voxel modders that aren´t into SAGE but certainly have the assertiveness to learn the ropes? They didn´t switch to 3D editing for years, why should they now? The Generals modders that already know the basics? Those that still mod Gens usually stay with it because of it´s accessibility and low sys specs - which RA3 modding is very unlikely to be able to compete with. And the TW modders? Well, take a look at the community - most of the people that initially sustained the community by giving support to newcomers have stopped posting regularly, all tutorial/wiki/long-term support projects I know of have been abandoned, (almost?) all big projects are focusing on their own dealings offering no support to outsiders at all. Do you think that the few of these groups that haven´t been pissed of by now and are actually willing to mod RA3 are enough to keep a whole community running? There were a noticeable number of people voicing their interest to start modding SAGE again - with the release of a KW SDK. Those might be enough to get things back on track and allow the community to grow enough so that it can take care of RA3 as well. However, without a KW SDK and seeing that RA3 will most likely require very different mod concepts (seeing that it will probably, like TW, not support more than it´s native modules and has some drastic changes to eco etc.) this chance might be lost.
  11. Golan

    Red Alert 3 Modding And Mapping

    I guess most people voting for a KW-SDK would actually favor an upgrade for TW, seeing that it has the larger playerbase. However, it simply seems even more unlikely to me that EA would ever again touch the TW engine rather than wasting their time on an KW SDK...
  12. When editing the UnitAbilityButtonTemplateStore and PlayerPowerButtonTemplateStore be aware that these listings are game assets as a whole, you can´t just pull out one button and edit it like you could edit a single weapon template in it´s own file but must modify the complete ButtonTemplateStore. Also, you must change the ID of the ButtonTemplateStore that you edited, else the game will use the original one.