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    C&cgeenrals Unit To C&c3

    i have already read it, but i don't understand were i mistake. because if i delete the mesh TREADSR02 (the mesh that make error), the error compare to the another mesh... is a bug of 3dsmax7, is possible? someone have do this conversion jet? i don't know where most slamming my head ^^ help me thx again
  2. Adanf

    C&cgeenrals Unit To C&c3

    so, someone can write all of steps for save correctly a .w3x format pls? thx
  3. Hi i'm new in this forum,this is a good forum for modding. I have a problem to export the paladin(in the picture below) unit of c&cgenerals from .w3d to w3x the broblem is in the image below. those windows appear after i save it in .w3x format: SOmeone can help me to resolve this problem? thanks