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  1. mastermind

    What Books Are You Reading?

    It's okay, we know you're illiterate.
  2. mastermind

    What Books Are You Reading?

    Yeah, it's that one. I read the excerpt in Time and loved it, and got the full book and never got around to reading it.
  3. mastermind

    What Books Are You Reading?

    Panzer Commander is a good book, I got as far as him going into POW camp in Russia, haven't gotten back to it yet. I've also got to finish On War by Clausewitz, although I thing that Strategy by B.H. Liddell Hart is a much better book overall (it's actually finished and was written in English for one). I've also got Achtung Panzer to read, and a biography of Einstein that I've had for over a year now and haven't started.
  4. mastermind

    What Books Are You Reading?

    Just finished the 5th, 6th, and 7th Harry Potter books (rereading them, over the span of a few days), and started in on The Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy. I like to reread books for some strange reason.
  5. mastermind

    Multiple Types Soldiers In One Squad

    Some details would be nice, or maybe some sample code, or something.
  6. mastermind

    As We're Screwing Around With The Royals

    He's going to be the fucking king. It's going to be his air force. Why shouldn't he learn to fly his aircraft?
  7. mastermind

    As We're Screwing Around With The Royals

    You said your problem was that he was wasting military equipment. In that incident, he wasn't. Wow, you really do have an axe to grind. Like I said, the fact that the Chinook was there in the first place kind of shows that if Prince William hadn't been using it, it would still not be "evacuating the wounded" or "bringing in more ammo and water". You can criticise him for wasting fuel and maintenance hours (but then you've already said you don't mind this), but it's retarded that you would try to simplify it to "your rich leaders grow richer while you die GI". So it's okay to use Chinook for a rush hour bypass? There are 6 meant for training and those 6 should remain at the bases, for training, not for the Prince to fly around whenever he feels like it. That's pretty low; can you prove it? Are you saying that members of the royal family should not recieve military training? I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you saying that he recieved some shortcut to promotion or whatever? Once again, we're straying into propaganda-esque simplified territory here. I don't think it's quite the either-or situation you make it out to be. They are recieving military training, but going to a stag party off duty isn't military training, it's wasting. That helicopter would have a better place or use than a personal taxi. What the fuck do you care? It's not your country anyway, so it's not like they're spending your money or anything.
  8. mastermind

    Vegetarians Will Inherit The Earth

    Human physiology says otherwise.
  9. mastermind

    Vegetarians Will Inherit The Earth

    Man is an omnivore, it's rather obvious from our physiology. An appetite for meat isn't indefensable, it's genetic.
  10. mastermind

    Vegetarians Will Inherit The Earth

    You can eat all the vegetables you want, just don't try to take away my steak.
  11. mastermind

    Yellow Submarine

    My bed is above sea level :P Don't worry, in a few years it won't be.
  12. mastermind

    Ah Yes, Ea Does It Again

    It's a shame too, BF2142 is a great game, I still play it. At first, all of the "OH NOES its teh SPYWHARE" talk got to me too, but after a while, I took a shot at it. For the first 6 months of the game, all of the ads were ads from the BF2142 universe/storyline, not real ads at all. Even now, they're not really noticeable amid all the action. The great thing is that most of the ads are actually designed to integrate into the world. I know there are Intel ads around, and they actually look like they fit in the game. It works well when the ads are actually designed to fit into the game, instead of just being whatever the companies current ad campaign is sized to fit the game.
  13. mastermind

    How Could This Have Happened?

    I dunno, it sounded like the SEAL that was awarded the Medal of Honor (posthumously) recently was on patrol when he jumped on a grenade.
  14. mastermind

    Ah Yes, Ea Does It Again

    http://kotaku.com/371407/ea-responds-to-ba...-weapons-charge A response from EA to the whole thing, which I think sums it up much better than that piece of shit hyperbole that that video was.
  15. mastermind

    Ah Yes, Ea Does It Again

    I don't feel like watching a Youtube video about this, what the fuck is it actually all about? Is it the DLC for Bad Company, or something else? If it's Bad Company, you get something like 16 regular guns, and you can buy 4 more. I'd hardly call that half the content. If it's something else, I've not heard anything about it.