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  1. mikko898

    Evil Sister

    Do you have any plans for the upcoming Red Alert 3? I head that all of its units have secondary combat functions, it would be nice to see tanks firing AP and HE rounds and it supports naval warfare so we can see some ships dropping depth charges at submarines or something
  2. mikko898

    Evil Sister

    Question. Did you find a way to fix the "Mosquito/P-38 bomb flying into nowhere" bug or is it just my computer having that problem?
  3. mikko898

    Evil Sister

    Wow, that thing is huge compared to a FlaK 88. Cool music too. I'm still puzzled on how they aim the weapon though...
  4. mikko898

    Evil Sister

    So uhhh... Was I right about my answer?
  5. Is it the Schwerer Gustav? You have a model of it in the world builder but i think it wasn't used in any of the missions (P.S. If it is the Gustav, can you please show us some action shots?)
  6. Can we get an update on whats happening, Please???
  7. YEAH!!! I love the Jap's airplanes. One question though, why are the Japs fighting the British, or did the British engage in air battle against the Japs at one point in World War 2?
  8. mikko898

    He 162

    Does this mean that there is a Japanese team ingame? or is it only for this mission?
  9. mikko898

    He 162

    Will there be another nearly impossible mission like the one in German mission 3 in R2.5??? :D
  10. mikko898

    He 162

    I can't wait till the next release of this mod!!! Are you going to add new missions???