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  1. Thunderbolt

    May Showers Of Upates #3

    Just a little problem here. If the PAC-4 wanted better tracking and targetting ability on ground targets, it would hook up to the E-8 J-STARS, not the E-3 AWACS for that sort of data.
  2. Thunderbolt

    May Showers - Of Updates!

    The Linbacker System on the Bradley is a Quad-Pack of AIM-92B BLOCK II Stingers. So I don't see how they would have the needed punch against ground troops or tanks. Plus you only have TOW-2 two-pack there in it's folded in position (This allows an infantry man to reload it safely under fire) Great render over-all, just needs some accruracy work.
  3. Thunderbolt

    New M1a2 Abrams Main Battle Tank!

    The Real-Life Avenger HUMVEE has a M-2 nestled on the inside of the right Missile Pod (So you have the M-2 inbetween the Pod and the Turrent Wall, not actually inside the Missile Pod) and it has something like 220 rounds if I remember correctly. So it would be nice if my 1000 Dollar Avenger could do more then just shoot down aircraft and some select Missiles.
  4. Thunderbolt

    New M1a2 Abrams Main Battle Tank!

    OT: Speakin of the Avenger, give it it's M-2 Back for close-in self defense, that would rock.
  5. Thunderbolt


    Stop Hi-Jacking Threads!
  6. Thunderbolt

    The Actual Iraqi Faction Manual

    The Su-37 Terminator Flanker is mostly a pure Air Superiority fighter with some Stand-Off Weapon Delivery Systems (Krypton, among others) and it always has a 3-D TVS installed, because the Su-37 is just a trumped up version of the Su-35 Super Flanker. So perhaps the TVS Upgrade can "overhaul" the Su-35 unit into the Su-37. Also, perhaps you should use the Su-32 Platypus/Su-34 Striker Flanker for the Iraqi AG Threat? It's a lot more logical and can deliever much more poundage on target and still be able to defend itself. Are there any plans to make the USA Side as detailed and upgradeable as the Iraqis are? The F-16E BLOC 60/2 Fighting Falcon seems a better choice instead of the F/A-18E Super Hornet. (Even though the BLOC 60/2 is only be produced for exports ATM.) Or barring that, the F-15C BLOC 50 Eagle would be another good choice.
  7. Thunderbolt


    But the USA still needs NBC Suits to protect against the VX Agents that the Iraqi Generals can deploy against US Forces. Plus is there a way to increase the Med-Vac Humvee's reaction time in dealing with contaniments (SP)? That 5-6 second delay is enough to get all but my most experienced soldiers killed! (Even with their upgraded armor from the Hold the Line Battle Strat.)
  8. Thunderbolt

    Hey Guys!

    *More Bumpage!*
  9. Thunderbolt

    New Infantry/infantry Only Maps

    Flash-Bang (Stun) Grenades only work well in conjecture with a sweep and clear manuever after the grenade goes off. Modern Flashbangs don't depend on an explosive primer to set off the Magnesium Flash and so their potential ballistics application is greatly reduced. As far as AoW is concerned the Marines don't sweep and clear a building after they launch a Flash-Bang into the Buildings to nothing more should happen then to disrupt the ROF of the Occuptiants. Have the M-203 HE 40mm Attachment be the Grenade upgrade and give it some punch against Light Vehicles along with clusters of infantry or perhaps the M-320 HE 40mm Attachment can be used by a USA Special Forces General that will have an increased ROF (The M-320 is basically an upgrade to the M-203 to make it lighter and easier to reload or to detach or attach to a Battle Rifle System.)
  10. Thunderbolt

    New Infantry/infantry Only Maps

    The M-60E3 is a decent LAW. The M-249 is more "portable" and the M-240 was made for empalced positions. Though nothing beats the old M-Duce in firepower! (Specially with DU Rounds! Gotta Stop playing Fallout : Tactics!)
  11. Thunderbolt


    It's just that the USA in C&C Generals AND Real Life, is built around Air Mobility. Excluding the Abrams every other know equipment in the US ground arsenal can be transported via Helo or a C-130. Just Hard Code the Abrams transport size to be larger then the Super Stallion can carry and have a "lighter tank" for that purpose like the M8 or the M551 Sherdian (Used up to the Gulf War in the Airborne Regiments) Since the USA in-game is structured around Technology and Finesse and not pure knock out power there needs to be a way to insert Armor in a enemys weak flank without have to trudge my Abrams through his Front Line first! Also, bring back the NBC Suits for infantry, I'm tired of waiting for my Med-Vac Humvee to finally realize that my infantry is wading around in Anthrax-Gamma, can you also increase the heal rate of the Bradley on friendly troops? It's almost inpercepetable, not to mention it's Bushmaster 20mm does pathetic damage against enemy infantry!
  12. Thunderbolt

    Hey Guys!

  13. Thunderbolt

    Hey Guys!

    Just a couple of issues, most of your text descriptions didn't jive or properly describe the unit they are attached too and most of the units have upgrade pictures that they can't possess. Some of the pictures themselves don't match the unit, like the Chinooks being in some of the building pictures, yet there are Super Stallions cruising around (Great sound FX by the way!) I would be more then happy to write out the text files if you send them to me and I'll send them right back. I also love how some General Powers need more then just the CC to work, such as the Cluster Bomb attack and Carpet Bombing (Is there a way to make the bombs more bunched from the B-52G? Like in real life?) Is it possible for units to have different Camo according to their enviroment, like they had in RA2? It just seems odd to have a Desert Camo C-5 dropping off dozers in a forest enviro. Also, can you up the power of the M1A2 Abrams against enemy armor? I find it hard to believe that 2 Scorpions can waste my Abrams. Generally speaking, great TC, just a lot of polish issues remain that shouldn't be there, I could hunt for proper upgrade pictures for you upgrades, the Hellfire Equipped Pred Drone has a pretty wacky picture (Looks like Prop Tower Speakers are in it) Not to mention that the Cupola Machine Gun Upgrade enables the Abrams to fire it's Coaxial M. Gun! So if you need me to hunt for proper upgrade pictures or do the Text Files for the Upgrades you just send the request/file to me! I'll be glad to help improve such a great TC! (Next to Imperial Assualt!) Edit : I like how the F/A-18E Super Hornet Breaks away after launching it's payload, but like what was said before, the attack profile of the Strike Eagle is too like the Aurora, perhaps you can have it drop off a couple of Mk.84s or 2 CBU-72 FABs. Minor note : The F-117A's Landing Gear don't fold in when they take off, but maybe that explains why they fly so slow! (Ignoreing the obivous fact of it's modified Sub Sonic Engines.)
  14. Thunderbolt

    Blitz 2 Ram Requirement

    Your basically screwed, MX Cards are EXTREMELY POOR for running "intense" graphics programs i.e Games. Your best bet is hunting around for an old Ti or G3 card.
  15. Thunderbolt


    Or you can just say you completely ripped that Idea off from Rise of Nations. Next time, give credit to where it's due instead of just saying "I came up with this great idea!"