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  1. Havocide

    Bug Listing For R3

    when you mouseover the cromwell it says "comet"
  2. Havocide

    Help Me Spend My $1000!

    for that build currently you should only need about 600w of power, 1kw is overkill. also, I'd go for the ddr800, you won't notice a major difference in performance over the 1066
  3. Havocide

    I Hate Nintendo!

    March 9th, doh.
  4. Havocide

    I Hate Nintendo!

    Thats a bummer, I've had it since May 9th.
  5. Havocide

    Funny Video Thread

    i hope this hasn't been posted yet
  6. Havocide

    Nintendo! I Want That Brain Space Back!

    This may not be your cup of tea, but might i recommend resident evil 4, and DBZ TB2, If you're looking for a bit of fun.
  7. I'd be willing to donate for more tanks :P
  8. Havocide

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    And that Meme, and the Whole "Vtech Just kicked in yo" Thing is about Toyota engines and not Virgina Tech, I swear I'm gonna slap the next person who relates it to the Virgina tech shootings.
  9. Havocide

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    It was filmed in Garrys mod 10, and Garrys mod has "Bloom" which is a way to sort of fake the HDR effect.
  10. Havocide

    Games ....

    Recently, Twilight princess for about the last 60 hours.. trying to find those damn Poes. After having completed the cave of ordeals, all 45 heart pieces, obtaining the magic armor, and all 24 golden bugs. Prior to that, Usually Forgotten hope for bf1942, PR for bf2, BF2 on rare occasion as well as PVKII(Hl2mod), II2(Hl2mod), GMOD10(retailsourcemod), YR, Mental omega, Generals, and several mods such as Blitzkrieg 2.
  11. Havocide

    Press Room

    I was thinking lol at 22 posts in one day.
  12. Havocide

    Guess That Tank! Part2

    M1 Abrams Engineering vehicle? Can't remember it's exact name, saw it in one of my USMC weapons program books :S
  13. Havocide


    Or, Upload it on your own to one of the many free unloaders such as ihud, rapid share or file front, and make a thread and post a link to it. Just an idea.
  14. Havocide


    There are some good home brew applications, like the PSone Emulator, and the Snes Emulator.
  15. Havocide

    Msn Convos About Blitz

    To be honest this forum seems to have 3 kings of the idiots. But yeah that basically sums up what this forum is now, which in turn is why i don't post much.