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  1. Wayne

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    Working in a mixed role that includes alot of web design and alot of educational stuff. Still a BIG Fan of Blitzkrieg! and always will be :) Can't wait for the next version!
  2. Wayne

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    This news is very good to hear :) BTW: I like what you have done with the buildings.
  3. Its a pity I didn't run this interview, I will however be running many in the future for the modding community... So we can expect them to be up around the date they were undertaken...
  4. Wayne

    Release Date

    Phil, I will have some buildings to send you soon, hopefully, because these last few weeks have been hectic, I left the Damaged states for something to do on the holidays next week. Hope u don't mind...
  5. Wayne

    Ar2 V4.0 Released!

    Shell map is sweet =)
  6. Wayne

    New Blitzkrieg 2 Interview!

    I really don't know whether the skins look good or bad, I guess they do the job, but they are not wowing me <_< But how spiffy can u make WW2 units look, I mean they aint built for show they are built for war.
  7. Wayne

    New Maps?

    Sounds like awesome fun!
  8. I've played sudden strike, and its sequel. But I haven't played Blitzkrieg. I got hooked on the mod and didn't need to play any other ww2 rts games <_<
  9. I don't care man, you needed help from some1 like me, I offered you can decline, its up to you. I really don't care the slightest, cause I don't think much of you either but I am willing to let it slide to produce the mod. If you are not fine.
  10. How about you contact me, I don't need you...
  11. Are we going to see good Ai in this release? I know some people who only play Skrimish... and those people wont play Blitz.. ;)
  12. I am Interested. I know I said I wouldn't work on it. But I also said I was done with Blitz 1, but I'm still working on it also... So Since when did what I say matter. The offer is on the table. ;)
  13. Wayne


    Blitz 1 version 2.0 was the ownage on a LAN. No1 can deny that!
  14. Definatley Impressive ;)
  15. Im sooo glad Blitz 1 is finally drawing to a close, its been in development for soo long. :D