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  1. Mehman

    Happy 2021

    I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.
  2. Mehman

    Happy 2021

    Yeah bruh.
  3. Mehman

    Christmas Haul

    Considering this thread is....17 years old, I'd be really interesting if somebody did compared how gifts changed from year to year for a given person. Or not.
  4. Mehman

    So, whats up

    I moved from media to IT a couple of years ago, doing the exact thing that I swore I wasn't going to do when I was 18. To add more irony to the job, I started off as a consultant, wanting to be away from code. Luckily enough my line of work enables me to work from home, so this year we spent the majority of the time working from home, as opposed to flying around Europe.
  5. Mehman

    Christmas Haul

    Don't kink shame, but I was trying to do the dirtiest kink of them all...posting on this forum.
  6. Mehman

    Christmas Haul

    Slowly dying like this forum, I tried to post something and it crashed.
  7. Mehman

    Christmas Haul

    Hope you do. Wub you.
  8. Mehman

    Happy 2019

    Nobody. Magic.
  9. Mehman

    Happy Thanksgiving

  10. Mehman

    Christmas Haul

    I got a toaster! And I asked for it. And the worst thing is, I'm actually excited about it. Yep, that's my life now.
  11. Mehman

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Well, fuck you too good sir.
  12. Mehman

    Christmas Haul

    So the nothing part still applies.
  13. Mehman

    Happy 2018

    Did anybody else read that as wheelchair at first?
  14. Mehman

    Happy 2018

    You are? Then you've transferred it onto me you dick. I had to have two different meetings on the subject of "improving my interpersonal skills". Thanks asshole.
  15. Mehman

    Christmas Haul