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  1. gamemate

    Using Tfd Disk

    As far as I have noticed no, it should work fine ;)
  2. gamemate

    In The Next Version Of Ar,

    Graphics and code is being overhauled. Going in deeper and answering is not up to me but things are being overhauled and improved.
  3. gamemate


    Good luck Godwin ;)
  4. gamemate

    Flora Wip Images

    There will soon be some screenshots of the city buildings for Genesis and abandoned/misc buildings for Nemesis ;)
  5. gamemate

    Flora Wip Images

    I will see if I can make some variations like that, I agree with tmapm it is really a good idea :)
  6. gamemate

    5.0 Bugs

    If it still happens with standard harvesters then I can not do much about the problem. I am not sure why Autorepair was removed but I will consider adding it again. But I will only do that when I am certain that it does not cause any IE´s ;)
  7. gamemate

    5.0 Bugs

    Hello and welcome ;) 1. All the bugs concerning SOL has been fixed and should not occur in the next version. 2. This has also been fixed. 3. I will fix this, I knew that there was a problem with it but have not gotten around to fix it. 4. Same answer as above. 5. This is an glitch with hover harvesters, this will also be fixed in the next version. 6. It is a part of the behaviour of the infantry and it is intended this way ;) 7. I can reduce it some. 8. Intended to be like this, they really should be used in numbers or inside of the tanks to reduce the number off casualties. Thanks for the feedback and bug report :)
  8. gamemate

    Flora Wip Images

    Vinifera7: Every single branch is different and so is the trunk, I will have the final tree´s even more varied ;) Tycoon-Master: That is a shadow error in general when it comes to slopes and mountain sides. I know a way to solve it but it has to be discussed in the staff forum.
  9. gamemate

    Flora Wip Images

    More variations of the tree´s.
  10. gamemate

    Flora Wip Images

    Since there has been no uppdates recently I will show some WIP screenshots. The new tree´s will be quite larger than the previous ones and more suited for this terrain.
  11. gamemate

    Ar2 6.0 Ideas

    It is not hard but if it will be added is a different story, atm there is several other things being done (infantry, fauna and civilian buildings). This might be considered if the team wants it ingame.