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    Cnc Generals Modding Question

    ya so i picked up modding again.. im working on a new project but im stuck at a cross road about new units and buildings becoming available to build.. I added the unit.ini, the new player template/commandbarscheme and a button but the button in game appear greyed out and cannot be built. their are no prerequisites so i dont know the problem :P heres some of my work :P hopefully you guys can help me :)
  2. Acevetren

    Rip Ronnie James Dio

    Fuck the establishment.
  3. Acevetren

    Summer Fire Ii

    I know but it seems the ONLY thing good against them is a nuke, loads of artillery, or Churchill AVRE. This is taken from the view point of the Allies btw.
  4. Acevetren

    Summer Fire Ii

    I got a question for the modding team of Blit 2. dont freak anyone. Why are the buildings so hard to kill? And the Ai permantly stations dozer behind there? Regards; Ace
  5. Acevetren

    Killa's Art Thread

  6. Acevetren

    Blitz Devellopments

    Keep up the good work
  7. Acevetren

    New And Exciting Mods

    Here to tell you about two new mods. One is for Medal Of Honor; Allied Assault Info can be found Here The other is for General Zero Hour : It can be found at Moddb And at this site
  8. Acevetren

    New And Exciting Mods

    IF YOU DON'T CARE. Don't reply and don't COMPLAIN/BITCH. Have a Merry Christmas
  9. Acevetren

    New And Exciting Mods

    lolwut. blitz is different how? I cant go into to much detail because I am vacation and my plans at home but small things. Separate allied teams. Airfields are in, shit like that. "Have you tried my second or third tutorial before starting a full blown mod of your own?" I actually know quite a lot about modding now, I have been learning from Korona and other people. :P I also have a couple of people that are actually helping make the mod so its not just me, myself and I. Sorry if It came off as advertising. the intent was to merely inform. B)
  10. Acevetren

    Generals Strings Editor

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering if someone could tell me where to get the general zh string editor. I am modding right now and need it for the near future. Thanks.
  11. Acevetren

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    that doesn't look like weed it looks like brockoly.
  12. Acevetren

    Modding Zh Questions!

    For my first question I would like to know how to change team name on Zh. I Can do most other basic modding. Not a bad modeller ethier <_< I can also give some help for others;)
  13. Acevetren

    Modding Zh Questions!

    waffles are ight!
  14. Acevetren


    You guys if not already should try and recruit QSN. hE IS A VERY good modder and a hell of a modeler. With him your modding team would be ULTIMATE!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Acevetren

    3d Modeller

  16. Acevetren


    Ok first Goose, [i was simply suggesting something some DONT SPAZ I was not insinuating anything but merely informing ok! And I did not now they weren't his once again I was just suggesting. Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!! How do you think he got that high qualty models Killa?
  17. Acevetren

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Bio was like a badass outlaw biker nerd jk. He follow no ones rulz not even his own lol :P And Korona, you look like my guitar teacher he he.
  18. Acevetren

    Modding Zh Questions!

    Does it say how to? Because its important I know because it one of the last things I need to do to complete my mod.
  19. Acevetren

    Funny Video Thread

    It almost pathetic how stupid they are.
  20. Acevetren

    3d Modeller

    sshot049.bmp This is t 70 I made. It was made in 15 mins so you can imagine what I could do in 2-3 hours. Sorry for the bade skinning. :P
  21. Acevetren

    3d Modeller

    Well I dont think I can get any but can I maybe Submit something?
  22. Acevetren

    Paintballers Of The World Unite

    Nice B)
  23. Acevetren

    Paintballers Of The World Unite

    Hey everyone. Lately I have took a interest in paint ball and paint ball product. I was wondering for the derelict community. If you guys played paint ball, type of gun, and any project you might have for them. Acevetren.
  24. Acevetren

    Modding Zh Questions!

    Where Icon.
  25. Acevetren

    3d Modeller

    I am a good modeler but only have gmax and renx. Will this do. If so I would like to fill this position.