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  1. blitzrules45

    Generals Zero Hours Connections

    hi, im just wondering why i installed my command and conquer first decade and i cant connect to other people while online, i have the game up to date and everything, help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. blitzrules45

    Progress Update

    well thank you my feuer lol... anyways sorry about the language ill start adding smiley faces to everything i post lol, anyways thanks for the pictures they look really nice, nice job. btw you guys should have japan as a faction, but hey your mod, i just thought it would be cool.
  3. blitzrules45

    Progress Update

    were not trying to insult you we just want you to release the mod considering you decided to release 2 years ago and we know your working hard on it and we know you didnt want to release a half made mod but at least release a beta or something and update the moddb page with pictures, oh and also raptorkove can go screw himself because everybody makes spelling mistakes you idiot, fucking feurstorm is nicer then you about it.
  4. blitzrules45

    Starting Buildings

    i think i found the right script but when i try to add player area "player_0" or any other 1 it says warning player_0 does not exist
  5. blitzrules45

    Starting Buildings

    where do i find the transfer control from ai to player script, where would it be because i cant find it
  6. blitzrules45

    Starting Buildings

    hi everybody please reply asap, im using blitzbuilder and i want to know how to start with buildings as soon as i start the game ive been trying and trying but i cant get anything to work plz help ty and i also want to know how to start with units as well