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    Blitz Mod

    Well, i would have modded version 3 but no offense to the creators, but i like 2.5 best. The quality of version 3 and models are obviously way better, and the version is altogether better quality. BUT i personally like the style of 2.5 best and it also has the best setup for modding it because it isnt a finished mod. Also, i was wondering if it would be alright to host my mod on moddb, ifi explain its for blitzkrieg, and provide a 2.5 download.
  2. wehrmacht123

    Blitz Mod

    Well, obviously i will take some credit for the things that i change, but still the majority of the work goes to DS
  3. wehrmacht123

    Blitz Mod

    Hello, i really am a fan of blitzkrieg, my favourite version being 2.5. I have seen a lot of mods for zh, but was wondering if i would be able to mod Blitzkrieg itself? I would mod verson 2.5, and would only release it with full credit given to the blitzkrieg mod team. I would credit derelict studios for the majority of the work. This mod is only for fun, and I have known some of the DS team members in the past. I am asking the DS mod team to consider this a possibility.
  4. wehrmacht123

    Mod Compatible With "the First Decade"?

    patch? i didnt know there was a patch :huh: he means zh patched to 1.04 and the only version that will not work with tfd is 2.5 but 2.6 has no ai so get some friends to play it with.
  5. wehrmacht123

    Older Versions Of Blitzkrieg

    2.5 has ai but its not far from nothing. Dont worry 2.7 has amazing ai that will satisfy u watever your likings may be.
  6. wehrmacht123

    Downloaded Blitzkrieg Ii

    What version of blitz?????