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  1. -UNI-

    Final Version Released

    Nicely dOnE! I wish i only could have working c&c 3 disc
  2. -UNI-


    Posting here because forum needs attention!
  3. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

    So is there anything going on anymore?
  4. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

  5. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

    JS-4 texturing.. WIP
  6. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

    Well.. my private project. http://www.moddb.com/members/uni1/images/soviet-airfield and video
  7. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

    yeah it does look bit low and long because world builder dont like fullhd resolutions. now i am not forever alone here :D
  8. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

    Jagdtiger at wb.
  9. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

    Shellmap edition 2 now with allies also :) If you wonder why it is laggy.. well because of 1080p
  10. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

    So my army is over!( or it has been over ½ years but i had to do work very hardly after that, i could not make any modding stuff at that time) But now i have started to study making games/coding stuff. Also i have now 3ds max 2012 student license, which have made my modelling/texturing stuff easyer. Enough typing!! It's still needs some finishing touches
  11. -UNI-

    Blitz Devellopments

    How about some new tanks to blitz? i made these tanks. could be used in campaing becase some of these tanks where in ww2 :) Jagdtiger http://www.moddb.com/members/uni1/images/jagdtiger2 http://www.moddb.com/members/uni1/images/jagdtiger1#imagebox http://www.moddb.com/members/uni1/images/jagdtiger#imagebox JS-4 (endwar tank only 200 where made) http://www.moddb.com/members/uni1/images/js-41#imagebox http://www.moddb.com/members/uni1/images/js-4#imagebox also i have SU-85 and SU-76 (high poly models) but no pics atm.. netx i would make T-44 and maybe T-43 i could also texture those but.. uvmapping atm is kinda hard because my old good uv mapping program wont work with win7 64bit :(
  12. -UNI-

    Blitzkrieg 2 Shellmap

    well.. there is no allies cause this custom shellmap. which i am using atm. i gonna post this as addon to blitzkrieg 2 mod db site.. if you guys want
  13. discuss.. i have 1 little problem with this shellmap. I cant get it rotating more than 3 times fullcircle.. i have tested it with different scripts more than 10 times but no.. it wont work somehow :( Also if you guys think this music would be good for Blitzkrieg 2 those are free to use.
  14. -UNI-

    Active Player List

    active again since i get my generals working @ my computer :)