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  1. raminator

    Any Further Development?

    i think i should get the missing stuff till end of this month (though i have only a couple of hours of sparetime) if i´m finished with my work a public release will be "soon" :P
  2. raminator

    Any Further Development?

    more alife than ever :P
  3. raminator

    Grassland - Terrain

    looking nice... but you somehow need more publicity... good luck
  4. raminator

    Ebn - Hawkshot Jet

    holy shit! that´s amazing love the pilot :P
  5. raminator

    Ebn - Hawkshot Jet

    looks even nicer than the alba can´t wait to see textured version =)
  6. raminator

    Ebn - Super Secret Aircraft Revealed!

    does it cool down my beer? :P did you build there 20 of them?
  7. raminator

    Fix For Xp Crash

    is it installed on red alert 2 : yuri´s revenge 1.001 ? do you have a legal copy of the game?
  8. raminator

    We're Still Alive!

    no...this mod isn´t dead! it had some good progress in the last months
  9. raminator

    Volcano News!

    you should have posted about RA3-Voxel-Competition or this here :P (downloads at my site)
  10. raminator

    Any Further Development?

    we´re still working on it...maybe slow...:P
  11. raminator

    Is This Mod Dead?

    it´´l blow up plenty of stuff.. :P
  12. raminator

    We're Still Alive!

    did you try andré´s updated AI that you find in the support forum?
  13. raminator

    We're Still Alive!

    this year a release should be possinle...but you never know :P
  14. raminator

    Unable To Find Units

    that´s right :P
  15. raminator


    for this you need to extract the rulesmd.ini :P