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  1. raminator

    Blitzkrieg Staff

    du stinkst :D
  2. raminator

    Anyone Wana play against me

    sounds like the start off a flamewar =) good work guys!!! =)
  3. raminator

    Maps for you!!!

    thanks i´ll reinstall later ra2 and blitz and do some more =)
  4. raminator


    good idea =)
  5. raminator

    Maps for you!!!

    right-click save as edit: hmmm servers are down sorry edit2: try tomorrow
  6. raminator


    do you have RA2/Yuri patched to 1.001?
  7. raminator

    new side

    especially italy and finland who supportet the allies very well ;)
  8. raminator

    Any Date Expected

    i have to maps on my comp i made for blitz i can upload them
  9. raminator

    Blitzkrieg Staff

    that´s a de(re)lict :P
  10. raminator

    Downloading It

    here :huh:
  11. raminator

    Blitzkrieg Staff

    na sischer
  12. raminator

    Which site do you like best?

    don´t think so
  13. raminator

    And the move is done!