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  1. raminator

    Any Further Development?

    i think i should get the missing stuff till end of this month (though i have only a couple of hours of sparetime) if i´m finished with my work a public release will be "soon" :P
  2. raminator

    Any Further Development?

    more alife than ever :P
  3. raminator

    Grassland - Terrain

    looking nice... but you somehow need more publicity... good luck
  4. raminator

    Ebn - Hawkshot Jet

    holy shit! that´s amazing love the pilot :P
  5. raminator

    Ebn - Hawkshot Jet

    looks even nicer than the alba can´t wait to see textured version =)
  6. raminator

    Ebn - Super Secret Aircraft Revealed!

    does it cool down my beer? :P did you build there 20 of them?
  7. raminator

    Fix For Xp Crash

    is it installed on red alert 2 : yuri´s revenge 1.001 ? do you have a legal copy of the game?
  8. raminator

    We're Still Alive!

    no...this mod isn´t dead! it had some good progress in the last months
  9. raminator

    Volcano News!

    you should have posted about RA3-Voxel-Competition or this here :P (downloads at my site)
  10. raminator

    Any Further Development?

    we´re still working on it...maybe slow...:P
  11. raminator

    Is This Mod Dead?

    it´´l blow up plenty of stuff.. :P
  12. raminator

    Screenshot Thread V2

    this pics are taken from a match between me and phil they are showing some new buildinggfx #1
  13. raminator

    We're Still Alive!

    did you try andré´s updated AI that you find in the support forum?
  14. raminator

    We're Still Alive!

    this year a release should be possinle...but you never know :P
  15. raminator

    Unable To Find Units

    that´s right :P
  16. raminator


    for this you need to extract the rulesmd.ini :P
  17. raminator


    your system is to quick for RA2? so you basicly mean that the game runs too fast? if so just lower the gamespeed in the options
  18. raminator

    We're Still Alive!

    if it´s dead...why are you visiting these forums? are you necrophil?
  19. raminator

    Infantry Wars?

    infantry war is multiplayer only but i think you can get it working by extracting the gamemodesmd.ini (or what it is called) and change some values there if you want to play it i would suggest to download André´s AI-Patch
  20. raminator

    Problems With Units & Buildings

    most screens in this forum are from a newer version that will be released somewhen in the near or far future ;)
  21. raminator

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    we hae really good infantryshps made by laotze... but thanks for your offer.. as i see you are german you can contact me...just click my profile ;)
  22. raminator

    Ze English Like Zee Germans Spik Day

    muhahaha ei äm so guut ich bin so kluk K L U K
  23. raminator

    Ze English Like Zee Germans Spik Day

    ei spieck inglisch in dschörmän äckzent nau
  24. raminator

    We're Still Alive!

    phil is visiting his parents for the next few weeks... so....he isn´t able to work on it :P
  25. raminator

    Updated Blitz 1 Ai

    when i did the old AI we didn´t had any AI so it was better than nothing :P