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    Ebn - Hawkshot Jet

    Is the Albatross still in the game, though?
  2. Bahmo

    You Guys Rock! I Wish To Join!

    I love it. When will you be done? :D Neither of us on the team are musicians by any means. So we'd definitely need a musician or five with some talent and not some Fruity Loop newbie. I unfortunately have no knowledge of how to do this, but I guarantee there are enough great video game music artists on the web who will be happy to when this mod gets further along and becomes well-known. I can maybe play a bit of what I want it to sound like on guitar, though I suck at playing guitar.
  3. Bahmo

    You Guys Rock! I Wish To Join!

    I have one more idea that bears mentioning. I think that it would be cool to have an industro-metalic, Frank Klepaki-like version of the Doom Ship theme!
  4. Bahmo

    You Guys Rock! I Wish To Join!

    I really hope I didn't just finger this mod by setting the staff at each other's throats! :unsure:
  5. Bahmo

    You Guys Rock! I Wish To Join!

    I'm not quite sure how well a whole faction based around Yoshis would be done in RA3. The core mechanic would probably center around Yoshi troopers that could transform into vehicles. Quite similar to what happens in Starcraft, but I don't see anything similar in RA3, except for the Empire's transforming units, but they morph into only one alternate form.
  6. Bahmo

    You Guys Rock! I Wish To Join!

    Doki Doki Panic/Super Mario Bros. 2 really is heavy on the Middle Eastern motif, so if you really wanted to maintain that you could theoretically just change the plot. It's not unheard of in C&C games to see an army splinter and fight amongst themselves; in RA3 the Soviets fragged their own evil leader, for example. Again, though, I don't know about what you're going for here, so I can't say too much. Again, I can't really argue against that because I have no idea what sort of unconventional you mean, except by saying I wish you were more open. Zerg drones mutating into structures? I somehow doubt it. Glad to hear your Command Center will be somewhat similar. As to the shell, it really depends upon the game; for example, his castle in New Super Mario Bros. had one.. OK, the spoiler part is understandable. You'll have to expect, though, that now that you've opened the floodgate and let people know the mod exists, people are going to start bugging you about revealing more info and getting it done soon. I personally am above that, but much of the Internet is not. I considered that as well. What it came down to, though, was the lesser of two evils. In the case of Koopa Troopas, you'd need to add some sort of weapon to them in order to make them very useful, whereas with the Bros, they already had three versions using three different projectile weapons, so while the technology level of the weapons would need to be upgraded, I felt projectiles in general fit them more than the Koopa Troopas. Perhaps you are right, though; that should be a heavier unit, in which case I hope you keep the portable bullet bill launcher. If the Koopa Troopa is the basic infantry, I'm assuming at least one function is to get in his shell and slide forward. Okay, that works. You're right, so that might be a reason to go with the idea of Lakitus throwing them. Good; whatever works. Yes; it was in Super Mario Bros. 3. It sounds like that's what you want as an early defense. Makes sense, I suppose, although you'll probably need to give it a severe firing rate upgrade so it can serve as a weapon. I don't like the idea of the Koopa tanks to bear the face of their leader. Or to be named after him. Though I did model a plane based on his kart from Mario Kart DS. Maybe I'll warm to the idea when we get there. Okay, just bear in mind that there isn't a lot else to base things on other Bowser's narcisism. Although given your excellent idea to use Bowser's plane based on his clown-car, I think maybe the DryBomber from the same game could work; I just think it's a bit too generic as tanks go. An obvious idea. Though we did branch out the Airship idea throughout the entire Koopa faction. Nice to hear that, although again, I don't know exactly what you mean. The basic reason it's more than just a toy is the reference to its function in the SSB series, where it legitimitely is a match for "real" weapons. Though you may be right that it's better reserved for Nintendo tributes in general than for mods specific to the Mario series, I don't really see what other sort of gun fits any better with the Toads. I thought fireballs or SMB2 vegetables initially, but those would be much too weak/short-ranged. Well, they arguably were more powerful in Yoshi's own games, making them arguably powerful enough. They do if you count the cameo games. Of course, DK does as well, but not nearly to that extent. With respect to the first, it's a little bit of the same reason I wanted Yoshi. It would be more interesting than just having all infantry be Toads, even if its proportionately less accurate to the games. Also, I feel that underrated Mario characters don't get enough love, or recur in games the way that they should. As to second, I meant "ghost" in the guerilla sense of the term, not a spiritual apparition; although here it seems there's a good deal of crossover. Makes sense, I suppose. Yeah, this was one of the first ideas we had for the Toads. We even thought of the "Star" prefix for most buildings. This will definitely be in. It would be nicer for me if I saw why you had more of your opinions, but I trust I will, in due time.
  7. Bahmo

    You Guys Rock! I Wish To Join!

    Naturally, I can't exactly be sure of what you want out of me from you're not telling me what sort of motif you're going with. From what I can see of the EBN models, assuming you're still using those for this version, it seems that your take on this is using fairly conventional military hardware and structures, except with the emblems of the various factions. I also had a bit of modernization in mind, but I wanted to maintain much greater fidelity to the Mario series as a whole. Hence, I designed the Koopa structures to be more similar to how they look in existing Mario games, with such factors as the big red boss door from Bowser's castle, as well as a command center that looks like a Bowser statue, and a barracks that looks like the spiked shells from Mario Kart. I don't exactly see how that is terribly contrary to what you're doing, either, as it seems you were trying to do much the same sort of immitation with regard to the Grassland terrain, and no offense, but I'm a little upset you're being secretive about your plans, and as to why they're contrary. Maintaining a two-person staff and expecting to finish the project seems too optimistic, in my opinion. However, as to the "throw in a bit of references and/or details from the official games" bit, I assure you that I had. For example, the basic infantry I had for the Koopas were the "Bullet Bros," updated versions of the Hammer Bros, except with guns. Also, said guns are portable versions of the Bullet Bill turrets. I also envisioned a Lakitu unit, but spinies are maybe a little weak, so I concieved him as using the focused light ray weapons that some of the Lakitus used in Yoshi's Island. The final Koopa infantry (or is it a vehicle?) unit I concieved was the Bob-omb, useful for suicide bombing the enemy. Very powerful; their main weakness is that they can't take many hits before being blown up prematurely, and can be prone to chain reactions if used in groups. For base defenses, the Koopas would have regular Bullet Bill turrets for anti-vehicle fire, the firebreathing Bowser statues that are in some games as an anti-infantry weapon, and pihranna plants, less able to dish out and take damage, but able to burrow in the ground, making them useful for cutting off choke points. Finally, vehicles. I concieved of a tank called a Tyrant, somewhat modeled after Bowser's Kart of the same name from Mario Kart: Double Dash. Never actually drew it, but I could try. Then, there would be those most dreaded of Koopa Vehicles, the Doom Ships. Somewhat like Kirovs, but maybe more versatile with less hit points. As for the Mushroom Kingdom, I had few ideas for vehicles, but did come up with some infantry and building concepts. The basic infantrymen, Toads, would wield Super Scopes, which would function similarly to how they do in the Super Smash Bros. series. The primary function is a rapid fire shot, but the secondary allows the Toads to charge up and fire a more powerful shot all at once. The disadvantage of this is that charging the shot takes time, and once they fire it they need to charge it again. However, this mode can be useful for hit and run shots, and with enough numbers, they could feasibly all fire their charge shots at once to destroy even very heavy structures. Then, I wanted a Yoshi unit, whose primary ability would be to simply eat enemies, but whose secondary ability would be to throw eggs at them. I thought maybe the transforming into vehicles could also be cool, but it might be a little difficult. Finally, I thought of maybe having a "shadow commando," basically a female, Vivian-like Shadow Siren unit that functions as a ghost. Its weapon could be either a sniper rifle, something similar, or just its natural fire element powers, and it would be functionally invisible when not attacking. For structures, I concieved of the Mushroom Kingdom being initially weaker on defense than the Koopas, but with some late game strategies to turn the tide. For example, I think they should have a "Pipe Network," similar to the tunnel networks in Generals, as well as a "Pipe Ambush" commander power to be purchased and used occasionally, which would cause an outlet of the network to sprout in a location of the commander's choice. Finally, they'd have a "Star Shrine;" a building resembling a giant version of the classic star power up, which functions similarly to the Iron Curtain, except it also works on infantry to make them invulnerable. That's what I came up with so far.
  8. Bahmo

    You Guys Rock! I Wish To Join!

    Now, let's start with the first thing. No, you are not the only ones who had the idea for a Mario C&C mod. I, too, had the idea, but not any way to do it. I did, however, start speculating, and I have numerous ideas for units, as well as drawings of things I wanted. I don't know how far along you guys are with this (not very, if the scarcity of info on the site is any indication) but I thought I would submit my ideas, just in case you'd like to use them, starting with a drawing I did of some Koopa structures. I also have the Koopa Command Center modeled; although it is strictly amateur, you may be able to touch it up and use it, as well as a drawing of some Mushroom Kingdom sculptures. I don't have most of the stuff here right now, but I'll do my best to find/remember it. So great job again, guys! Also, have you tried promoting this on www.mfgg.net? Because I'm sure they'll love the idea!