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  1. I just love the fact that hits by shells on tanks can sometimes just bounce off! very realistic, the damage system, compared to msot games :P It's more like warhammer 40,000 really. I love flak shells exploding in the air, and tracers going for planes. It is simply awesome. Oh the rockets are fantastic too! This is hands down the best mod I have ever seen and probs will ever see. Thanks so much for your efforts and time, it truly paid of in terms of playability and accuracy. and a BIG thanks for heeding my plea for a mac release!!! soundtrack is really cool. If only I had a human to play this with :/ PS. Respect for whoever had the Idea of taking the sample for the factories from the NIN song 'Reptile'. One of my favourite tracks for sure, I love Industrial music. (I know NIN aint true indust, but that song sounds it!! :D My only suggestion would be to make infantry more usefull somehow, I suppose in large amounts they are, but they just die so easy. It just must be the cnc generals engine.
  2. no haven't had a chance to yet, maybe in a few months :( (moved back to uni campus see) thanks, I'll try that. Do saved games differeing matter? they would change folder size right?
  3. revenant

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    yeah same cd key for zero hour :/ I could play zero hour fine though!!! thanks shall do that! do saved games matter for file size?
  4. Hi Korona. The game started as normal for about three seconds. ie I saw my base, my starting army, the scenery and heard the sound effects then i had the error screen.
  5. revenant

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    All players have to have the exact same files or it will be gay. If someone has other mods installed it will sometimes interfere with blitz. no it should be identical :/ Only I installed the games.
  6. revenant

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    On my home lan, which could play zero hour with no problems, I kept getting messages saying the games bummed or something like that. It was out of sync/game mismatch. I don't know what the reason for this was. I was playing the latest mac release of blitz2 what could the problem be?
  7. Hey again, it works great!!! Excepppptttt.... Every time I try to play over LAN with 2 comps (both intel macs) it says the game is totally boned and quits due to mismatch.... I don't know how to fix this. any Ideas please? after all, playing against the comp is only fun for so long :P Thanks :)
  8. Fantastic news!!! Thanks a lot for your effort and time people!!!! Now, are their any mac players here apart from me? edit- Damn, since it is 1 gig I'll download it before I go back to uni (then I won't be using my families internet)
  9. revenant

    Music Thread!

  10. revenant

    Music Thread!

    lol what you are currently listening to threads do not quickly and effectively display music tastes. No we don't. This one is also about what music you make. Carry on. Thanks :) And you like?
  11. revenant

    Music Thread!

    So, what do you all listen to and like? Do you play an instrument? My avatar is related: yelworC , which is a dark-electro band from Germany... I like pretty much anything if done well. but favourite genres are Industrial and EBM, Rock, 80's In general, Electronic, Goth, DnB, Orchestral, Arabic, Balkan, Metal, Funk, Rap, RnB, Trip-Hop, Breakbeat, Punk, Pop, folk, Blues, 'Alternative', even though that's a bullshit term. Favourite Artists: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, :wumpscut: and F/A/V http://www.myspace.com/fkingandvomiting I play drums...or rather my practice pad, as I live in a flat mostly :( I make music on the computer with a mate, but that's not worth spamming here because It's not worth listening to yet. I NEED a field recorder to do the music I want to do ;)
  12. revenant

    Tweaking Some Stats

    Out of curiosity, what do you perceive to be in-balanced statwise?
  13. I'm currently working on it... can't get the first allied mission to load for me. Not sure why at the moment. Fantastic news! it sure would be sad to release the best mod I have ever seen, and have some mac users not be able to play to it's full glory lol. I am ever Impressed. Also I noticed on one of the maps the Soviet AI actually uses fighters!! It's a vertical long skinny map with heaps of bunkers. Thank you for your work all, and you Kev and Star Furry.
  14. Bump! I am just requesting that the Allies shipment glitch be solved... Superkev, are you going to port the game this year? I don't mean to be pushy.
  15. hmm. it gets a bit confusing. thanks for the tip neo, that level is hard! thanks all, again. I guess I will have to wait till the game is ported by superkev.