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  1. Tycoon-Master

    Shoplifting Seagull

  2. Tycoon-Master

    Shoplifting Seagull

    That is truly awesome. I would move the Doritos further in or simply to another spot in the store too see how smart this seagull really is. Can you arrest a seagull for stealing?
  3. Tycoon-Master

    Halo 3: Believe Diorama

    damn I need to stop surfing these forums when I'm on the phone with a customer I totally cramped up laughing and screwed up the call ... shitttt HAHA OWNED! Oh well, I hope you don't get paid per call.
  4. Tycoon-Master

    Farewell Pc, Hello Imac

    That is a world I would rather NOT live in. Personally, I have nothing against Mac users, nor Macs themselves. However, I will NEVER own one. I would say great idea but I won't. Macs, I agree, may be good at what they do but I will not own one (they are at my college, so possible I will have to use one) but a trashcan, Mac is not.
  5. Tycoon-Master

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    I believe that's where the actual lemon party picture was taken... just after where this video leaves off.
  6. Tycoon-Master

    New Forum Skin

    I much enjoy the dark side, however, it is far from complete ("Thanks captain obvious" - I know, I know) Such like the Post buttons, bold, underline, etc, and the quoted text colours need to be fixed but I am sure you all already know that. Lovely work, and I am sure I could ballpark the amount of hours that it took to code / make. Excellent work. Tranzium, also approves.
  7. Tycoon-Master

    Attempted Attack On My Pc

    Limewire isn't that bad, it's much better then what KazaA has turned out to be. However, Torrents are the best way to get anything. Shareaza, although I have heard of it, I have not yet tried it out - may I shall.
  8. Tycoon-Master

    Your Dx10 Gfx Card Won’t Support Dx10.1

    I am just going to wait for DX11 to come out ^_^ That way, I should have enough money to buy a DX10.2 system
  9. Tycoon-Master

    What A Load Of Crap

    Rules for the Care Bears Prison: 1) Knock before entering their rooms 2) Ensure that their pillows are properly fluffed 3) Do not hurt the inmates, they are people just like you 4) Remember to give extra napkins on Tuesdays and Thursdays. -- Tuesday is all you can eat wings and Thursday is steak night 5) On Saturdays, leave all gates, doors, and windows open, that is let the inmates go since they aren't really prisoners, just couldn't make it to Hawaii. I am sorry I had to make so much fun with this, but personally I feel that if you are a prisoner, shut the fuck up, eat your shit food, and think about what you did since your stupid ass is in here for doing something wrong and you get no say in anything. Have a fun sentence - see you when you get out.
  10. Tycoon-Master

    What Media Player Do You Use?

    VLC for my videos and good old fashion Windows Media (11, from vista) for my sexy music.
  11. Tycoon-Master

    Let The Geek Out!

    I will think about doing that later... that would take some serious time.
  12. Tycoon-Master

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

  13. Tycoon-Master

    Some Help From The Pc People...

    Actually, I am going to have to disagree with you there. Vista was actually pretty fast. I think it was because it used so much RAM but I found it pretty smooth and capable to keep up with my amount of clicking and application stress. ^_^ Sorry, but Macs... never mind.
  14. Tycoon-Master

    Some Help From The Pc People...

    We can only hope.
  15. Tycoon-Master

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    I was recently checking to see how many people downloaded Blitz off my server but only to find that the download section of the site is returning MySQL errors. If you wouldn't mind fixing the page, that would be great. However, if you do not plan to have downloads, then just inform me and I can take your installer off my server. ^_^ Until the new one arrives.