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    Operation Desert Sun Release!

    I beat the mission: Can't explain- It was amazing. and i've seen you can go after the bases right after the first two parts but you have to fight for every inch conquered. it is a great mission and the way you have designed it actually make ZH engine compete with more moderns WW2 games, i was imaging the not already on the shelves RUSE. little towns, very strong probability to fall in an ambush, fighter used as recons, the need of backing up logistically every part of your conquests, great feel,epic long battle: clear time 119:40 reinforcement:15 Just a pair of suggestions: - the superwepons are really not frightening,I would augment the rate of fire of the Dora, and make the bombardments of v1 more effective augmenting the number to 6, three that fires at the same time and three later. Thank you so much
  2. katmoda 12

    R3 Unit Losses & Changes

    Also I want to add that the new air calling system is just great, it not just realism but also add a stretegic factor. you can destroy airplane when on the airfield but just during the air raid. This gives you a feel of urgency when you hear the siren that is unprecedent in ZERO hour, is not an uncounterable superweapon but a real threat you can do something for.
  3. katmoda 12

    New Website

    Great!! just Great!! ---And i thought this community was almost dead.
  4. I've found some errors, i'd not call them bugs: Allies: -The cromwell tank has a apds upgrade but the upgraded fire effect seems to be with white phosphorous (in the manual the right one is WP) -SAS commandos are able to produce maginot turrets, if they have been destroyed. -M4 shermans form light factory are different from M4 sherman delivered, you push double E you select the british or the american ones -Sherman M4A3 Easy eights have the same name of sherman M4A1 if you hover them with the mouse (i don't know if this has been done purposely. -On AIR 1 the image is the P-47 Thunderbolt, but purchasing it you get the blockbuster bomb upgrade for the De Havilland Mosquito, so the image is devious. -On AIR 2 the description talk about strategic wings that became more powerful, but purchasing it you get the HVAR upgrade for the P-47 Thunderbolt. I will continue the list when i find more errors Thank you again for this astonishing mod.
  5. Thank you you for your patience and fast responce. I'm not playing online because i haven't fully undestand wich tank is which and which role it has, i want to play knowing what i have. I'm supporting you in any way I can, I totally share your controversial wiew of the game and I think i understood your choices behind the way the mod is now, on moddb my name is semsteve, yesterday i had an exchange of opinion with you (korona) and another guy about industrial power and other things that makes ZH players angry. Thank you again
  6. I'm trying to come up with a viable all-disable combination of tactics based on strategic weapon and i need to know the time that structure remain disabled with strategic bombardments, so i'm asking the developers if they can tell me these times since they don't show up in the manuals. Although i know that more or lees they disables buildings for 60 sec. thank you very much. Allied B-25: B-17: Avro Lancaster: SAS time bomb: Axis: V-1: He-11: Soviet: IL-4: Also i'd need to know how long and when radar reveals enemy aircraft (i mean every each x second). and at last just a few questions: -Do strategic strikes stop the command center from functioning and from funding enemies effords? -Do strategic strikes or the destruction of allied hq stop the time counter of allied reinforcements afater their purchase or they will just show up even with the hq disabled or destroyed? -Could you please tell me the accuracy of the V-1, i mean what's the percentage of a V-1 of hitting the central part of his marker (in order to understand how many V-1 you need to surely disable a factory)? I empirically know that for a 60% of chance you need two V-1, in my experience. Also -Do you purposely reduced the accuracy of bombing missions, it seems to me that if you mark a location your bombers will begin to bomb well before reaching your mark? I'm fine with that since can be understood that back then bombers lacked accuracy and this add a bit more flavour to your mod. Thank you very much for your fantastic mod. I just want to tell you that because of you (BECAUSE OF YOU!) i'm now collecting Die Cast 1:72 models of axis tanks i now have a few ( Elephant, Panzer IV G, PanzerJager Tiger B, Panzer III L) and if you want to add to you manuals a few photos of the respective units i can take some photos. Thank you again for your patience and for making this historical accurated mod.
  7. Someone has experienced problems during the installation of the latest patch (3.01) of release £ of Blitzkrieg 2. The normal solution is to cancel and reinstall the whole release 3 and then apply the patch. This doesn't seem to work with the first decade. I 've found a solution testewd various times on different PCs. -have a plain/fresh installation of first decade. -Patch it with unofficial patch 1.03 (sponsorized by EA as you can see in their site) -install release 3 -install the patch (if there is an error message just click ok) -wait a couple of minutes even it seems to be stucked. Have fun with hanomag,krupp and MAN now available from the beginning
  8. katmoda 12

    Problem With Patch 3.01

    Now that's great!! I have an high modified installation of The First Decade with a lot of mod with launchers that actually doesn't pollute the original files, but i reached a point in witch reinstall everything takes me at least one hour (map packs, patch, firewall ports, ect ect). I will try the world builder etc now. About people not understanding the game: Well.I know that there are manuals and video training, but you can understand that a lot of units mean that the purpose of each units must be understand in order to play a game that is not massing every new tank that pops up after promotion thinking to get the best on show on that particular moment of the game. It took me about two week to understand the depth of this mod (that's fair,it takes you 4 year). and the peculiar fact that every faction's overall strategy change during the progression of the game make this mod like a "spore" RTS. for example does people understand the difference between Sherman Firefly and Cromwell? (they seem a redundancy, but a deep analisys reveal they are not). this is the purpose of my guide/overview/strategy to enlights things that are not obviuos like why should one lose the -oh so much love- stukas for jets? it'a a trade-off that involve a lot of units and a feature like that can't be seen in today's RTS, a trade off that not everyone is capable of taking, and i'l try to explain why one should.
  9. My first post : To begin OT :i think your mod is really great, thank you sooo much. I'm trying to write down a simplified manual for the allies because as i've seen in other community your mod is labelled as strange (you know... always tha same things: strategic bombers that disable, 25 type of tank for each faction, no airfields bla bla bla..) and i don't want the people to understand wrongly your work and passion. You gave this mod such a unique feelings and a unique type of gameplay that i want to sustain you in my way (first time ever in my 2-years-long mod-watcher life, i'm usually the guy that takes everything without saying or adding anything). Since that there was the famous problem of 12 exp point at 1945 in the tech tree and the hummel overpowerness you released a while ago the 3.01 patch. I can't make it work, it says that the old file can't be found. i've tried to unistall the whole mod and reinstall it and aplly the patch but it doesn't work. Don't tell that i have to reinstall the whole ZH and without others mods installed... plz Thank you very much