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  1. Thanks for the swift reply, DirtyHarryTAT. I'll pop-back & fully try this mod in about 12 months or so once the development process has hopefully ironed the installation bugs out. Cheers, and Happy Gaming! :)
  2. Same problem here. Even after a full reinstall of The First Decade, even after running both the game itself and the world-builder and shutting both down with no problems, the 3.01 patch does not work. I have tried several different downloads from several different sources, and in each case the outcome is identical and unsuccessful. Although it appears to *try* to run (ie: the download opens, displays a window filled with an odd cross-hatched pattern, and displays a "Software obtained etc. etc." bar with an [Okay] button to click), it summarily aborts as soon as it begins to update, simply splashing a small "Update Aborted [Okay]". Until at some distant future date, when whatever is causing this problem is fixed, is the game playable - and enjoyable - minus the 3.01 patch? Or will I experience a large number of bugs (glaring, minor, or otherwise)?