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  1. I can't tell you more than i told in the previous post.


    The patch wants to see a clean install of ZH + patch 1.04, and blitzr3. Make sure u install it all to the same dir, try using the default dir all the way.


    Run a regscanner to detect old install junk.


    What version of which windows do you have? Make sure XP has sp1 sp2 and sp3.



    Yes you can play blitz r3 fine without the patch. Just don't use the hummel artillery, its totally bugged.


    Make sure you run windows in administrator mode.



    Greetings, DirtyHarry


    Thanks for the swift reply, DirtyHarryTAT. I'll pop-back & fully try this mod in about 12 months or so once the development process has hopefully ironed the installation bugs out. Cheers, and Happy Gaming! :)



  2. I can't make it work, it says that the old file can't be found. i've tried to unistall the whole mod and reinstall it and aplly the patch but it doesn't work.



    Same problem here. Even after a full reinstall of The First Decade, even after running both the game itself and the world-builder and shutting both down with no problems, the 3.01 patch does not work. I have tried several different downloads from several different sources, and in each case the outcome is identical and unsuccessful. Although it appears to *try* to run (ie: the download opens, displays a window filled with an odd cross-hatched pattern, and displays a "Software obtained etc. etc." bar with an [Okay] button to click), it summarily aborts as soon as it begins to update, simply splashing a small "Update Aborted [Okay]".


    Until at some distant future date, when whatever is causing this problem is fixed, is the game playable - and enjoyable - minus the 3.01 patch? Or will I experience a large number of bugs (glaring, minor, or otherwise)?