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  2. What files does it want to overwrite? Install_Final.bmp but when I tell it to do it, it bugs out and doesn't finish the install. However, I did manage to get it to work by using the method described in my original post. Now the only problem I have is patching it. Says "Old File is Missing." And I've tried about everything.
  3. I guess that information would have helped I apologize for not putting it in my first post. I'm using Windows XP Professional SP3. My user account is the only account on the computer and is administrator. I do not have any other mods installed. Zero Hour and Generals are both up to date.
  4. Hey, I absolutely love this mod however I'm having a few problems that surfing around the support forums has not been able to answer for me. Let me just lay it out for you so you can further assist me. I've downloaded Release 3 and 3.01 patch. However, I can't get the patch to install. It tells me it can not find the old files and every fix I've tried does not work. However, I have installed the mod in an odd way. When I try to install the mod, it won't install properly if I install it in my Zero Hour folder. I'll clear this up now so there is no confusion. My copy of the game is Retail, I bought it and did not download it. I'm also not using a No-CD executable or a Mini-ISO image to run the game. So what I've had to do is basically install the mod into its own folder, and then copy the contents of said folder into a new install of Zero Hour. If I tried to just install from the installer, it would over ride files and cause game problems it would act funny and crash. However, when I use my method the game seems to freak out occasionally and run slow every now and again. What am I doing wrong? I would really love to enjoy this mod at its full potential. Thanks.