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    T-34 Armor Vs 50mm & 37mm Rounds

    all right! thanks :)
  2. ok i have a suggestion for the game developers of blitzkrieg II. i haave been fooling around with the tanks in the game and have noticed that Panzer 38(t) is ridiculously weak in terms of firepower. according to various source, even the 37mm AP round used by the tank could penetrate the T-34 armor give it is not a direct 0' frontal hit. image from 1943 about various rounds and their capabilities against the T-34: here is a translation of a document attached to the image above: i just wanted to provide some info to make the game more realistic! :D hope this helps.
  3. macho_man

    Game Lags

    ok thank you for the comments and im glad that its the game and not my computer.
  4. macho_man

    Game Lags

    yep it seems max fps is locked to 31fps for some reason. anyway i lowered particles cap and it helped reduce lag but didn't completely fix the problem.
  5. macho_man

    Game Lags

    i tried benchmarking but it doesnt make much sense. im getting only 30fps and then when lags occur it goes down to 5fps. i mean i get about 75fps in world in conflict... anyhow im gonna try lowering the particle settings and report back...
  6. I used to play the first beta versions of this mod years ago when it just got released untill well life came along and i forgot about Generals. Well last week i decided to install zero hour and i was looking for a good mod and i remembered you guys so here i came and downloaded v3 and what a difference! The campaigns are just awesome with lots of action and challenges (but not too difficult). The textures look amazing, my favorite being the T-34 tank (green camo) and su-154. They just look awesome. I have been playing this mod for a few days now and i have finished the axis and the soviet campaign. I am looking forward to the allied campaign which i think starts in Africa. However i have had a issue with speed in this game; the game lags terribly when i select all my units and issue them a command. However about 10-20 seconds after the command is issued, the lag disappears and it happens if the CPU commands a large group of tank formations to move. That's how i can tell when large units of soviet of axis tanks are coming :D My system exceeds the recommended specs for this game and perhaps even newer games. so i was wondering if you guys could help me solve this? The lag is getting really annoying. thanks! spec: MSI G33M MOBO Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 @3.01Ghz 4GB RAM @860Mhz 320GB WD 7200RPM GeForce 8800GT @650Mhz Windows 7 and XP Professional